QEG For Beginners

If you are  new to the QEG project, here is a collection of links giving helpful information on the QEG for beginners. Please use the suggested order to help you in your research around this free energy generator project. Keep in mind that this project is in a constant state of development and the best … Read more…

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QEG Phase 3 Complete Public Service Announcement

QEG Phase 3 Complete – Watch PSA Video: We are happy to announce, that we have cleared the last major hurdle to making the QEG self-sustain while providing additional power.  After months of intensive work, under very difficult conditions, we have just now open sourced  the final piece of information that QEG builders around the … Read more…

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Opposition on the QEG Project. The Underbelly Report.

The following is a disclosure report on some of the opposition of the QEG Project. The Underbelly of the QEG Project With the successful release of the final piece of the QEG, we find it also important to disclose some of the more negative experiences that we’ve had during the course of this project.  This document … Read more…

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