Donations for Robitaille Family

4/21/2017: UPDATE: So much gratitude and thanks goes out to the member (builder) who donated $400 to us. This enabled us to pay some pressing bills and took a ton of pressure off. More than a million thanks 😉 We are delighted with all the members and builders who are dedicated to the academy and this project, and contribute in a thousand ways to the betterment of life on the planet. You (we) are the future! 


4/17/2017: UPDATE on the Robitailles:

We have managed to keep the electricity on (shut off date tomorrow but we’re trying to work that out).

Thanking again those who donated to us in March – you already know you literally put food on our table! And to those who spread the word about our products with good results! Due to restrictions from various corporate interests, we are swimming against the tide in this project. We will stay with it as long as we can! 

March 3, 2017

James Robitaille and the QEG family have devoted the past 3 and 1/2 years to the co-development of the QEG under nearly impossible, and sometimes unbearable circumstances. The losses have been huge for this family but we continue in the work knowing we are a hair’s breadth away from completing the prototype.

Equipment has been purchased and supplied by Torelco and the project will continue as long as the Robitaille’s have basic needs met like rent (paid for March), electric (being shut off April 5th if $400 not paid), internet (getting shut off tonight) and food. We know there are many people counting on us, and we won’t quit before the miracle, but we are reaching out to you today for help.

While the beginning stages of the project was funded through crowdfunding, due to the vicious nature of the trolls and the central bank policies that have stopped investors from giving us money, we are forced to ask for help for the family. We have given everything we have to this project and your help will get us all to the goal.

Thank you so very much ~ James, Val, Hope & Tivon



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