FTW QEG Project Expenditures Report

QEG logoThe QEG Project Expenditures Report provides a full accounting of all crowdfunding and expenses for the QEG project. (18 months)


Original Publish Date: May 2014
PDF Linkhttps://hopegirl2012.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/statement-of-expenditures-summary-updated-march-2015.pdf

Excerpts from QEG Project Expenditures Report:

“The QEG project was funded via four crowdfunding campaigns over the course of ten months (Septmber 2013-June 2014). A total of 1,212 people have contributed funds. The original total projected budget needs for all 4 campaigns was $53,671. All four campaigns were overfunded for a total of $80,224. The 3rd campaign reached its funding goal in less than 24 hours. Approximately $587,000 of professional skilled labor was donated to the project through volunteers. Also, approximately $166,000 of professional equipment, travel accommodations and other services were donated to the project.”

“The QEG is the open sourced release of a new product that is in global co-development. This is a new way of releasing a product of this type that has no prior reference point. However, you can compare the total expenditures of the QEG project to the budgets of any other major electrical product development in the industry to see a stark contrast. Here is some real data from a major electric motors manufacturing company gleaned from 27 years of employment by the QEG Engineering Artist…”

“The opensourcing of the QEG has created a global stir of QEG co-development. This includes free energy enthusiasts, engineers and physicists from all over the world working together to troubleshoot and develop the QEG technology in a safe and open environment free from patents, controls, and other restrictions. So far, 3 stages of QEG development can be identified: 1) Achieving Resonance, (creating raw power) 2) Achieving Over Unity, (creating more energy out than it takes to run it) 3) Achieving Self Looping, (using the energy produced to supply its own power).”

PDF Linkhttps://hopegirl2012.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/statement-of-expenditures-summary-updated-march-2015.pdf



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