Private Messenger and Chat

Safely connect with other QEG Academy Members with our internal private message and chatroom software!

The QEG Academy uses our own installation of CometChat which enables members to chat with each other, share pictures and files, and collaborate together while maintaining your privacy.

cometchat end user basic edition user manual

One-on-One Chat (Private Messenger)

Members can start using our internal private message system or “Ping” system the instant you login to the website.  You can also download a desktop application to keep on your computer of our “Ping” system so you can send and receive messages without being on our website. The Who’s Online list will automatically display your friends (or other online users) and a single click enables you to start chatting in real-time.

one on one qeg chat


There is also a free app to install on your phone, so you can stay connected to your project partners even while on the go.

qeg academy mobile app

Group Conversations and Chatrooms

QEG Academy members can gather into a single place using chatrooms. You can create, join and chat on multiple chatrooms simultaneously. Members can easily switch between chatrooms and enjoy group chatting. You can also create password protected and invitation-only chatrooms.

qeg chat

QEG Academy Announcements:

Our announcements feature enables you to speak to other members  in real-time. Displaying your project results, announcing that you’ve reached resonance or sharing news with other members  is simple and effortless.

qeg academy announcement

We have even more great features for members coming soon with our cutting edge QEG Cyberlabs software!

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