QEG Cyberlabs

Coming soon for all QEG Academy members!

Our QEG Academy Cyberlabs software is perhaps one of our most unique features.  We have found the software necessary to allow builders and alternative energy enthusiasts to share ideas, build teams and collaborate on projects simultaneously while your team members are all sitting in different countries.

Now we can build together, draw on shared digital whiteboards, translate all languages in real time, show off our garage labs through video conferencing, and screen share our ideas.

For a full end user instruction manual for cometchat functions used in our cyberlabs please click here:
Comet Chat End-user-manual-Platinum-Edition

Below are several videos with demonstrations of the Cometchat software premium features that we use for our QEG Cyberlabs.


Audio Video chats for one-on-one or group calls and meetings.

Draw schematics or other ideas on collaborative whiteboards.

Or Draw a transformer design with your finger using the handwriting tool

Translate messages into other languages in real time! Perfect for multi-lingual teams.

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