What is the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG)?

The Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) is an opensourced, fuel-less generator prototype based on a public domain patented invention of Nikola Tesla. The type of energy that is utilized by the QEG design is different than that of a conventional generator. QEG teams are in the final stages of co-development worldwide (working together or separately to … Read more

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Order Quantum Energy Generator Parts

order QEG parts Torelco

  ORDER QEG PARTS FROM TORELCO! Torelco offers a fully processed core and supplemental kit to complete your QEG generator, or you can buy parts separately. (The photo above depicts an epoxied core. Non-epoxied cores are also available.) Please refer to the QEG Build Manual  for detailed descriptions and photos of parts listed below.   … Read more

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QEG Bestselling eBook

QEG ebook

Announcing, the QEG bestselling ebook! Two years of clean energy research has led to the open source (PATENT FREE!) development of this generator. Designed and backed by 50 years of combined engineering experience, you will be inspired to arrive at an understanding of reluctance generators and how to build one, as this ebook has bridged the … Read more

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Is it safe to build a QEG free energy generator?

We cannot guarantee that there will be no attempt to suppress the QEG by the controlling corporations and governments. When asked the question; “is it safe to build a QEG free energy generator?” we can report that we have implemented a strategy different than those that have been tried before us to help this break … Read more

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