Mini QEG Cores Now Available!

After much hard work, the mini QEG cores are available for any early bird DIY engineers that want to get started and build along side us!  We are offering three different packages as campaign perks to help us raise the funds we need to complete the development of the TeslaGen V1 mini QEG so that we can write and opensource a FREE manual to help others build their own free energy devices.

(Updated 6/10/2016 Please note the change in perk prices and that shipping is now included in the price)

QEG Core and Bobbins Supporter Package $1,250

The following is included:
Complete stator (composed of 4 interlocking sections)
6-pole rotor
2-pole rotor
4 high voltage stator bobbins
Full CAD Package
Shipping is included

Mini QEG Core Supporter Package $650

The following is included in the $650 core package:
complete stator (composed of 4 interlocking sections)
6-pole rotor
2-pole rotor
Full CAD Package
Shipping is included


Pictures of all parts below:

How to Order:

1) Please visit the New Mini QEG campaign Here:

2) Choose your Perk in the right hand corner. We use paypal for all transactions which will also allow you to use a credit card if you do not have a paypal account.

3) We will send you a follow up email within 24 hours to confirm your shipping address and begin the shipment process from China. The manufacturer will ship worldwide, priority tracked shipping. We will email you your tracking number once shipped. You are responsible for any customs or import duties in your respective country.

4) Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and delivery

5) If you have any questions please contact us using this contact form.

Please be aware that this is an open sourced project in co-development. This is a perk to help raise funding for a grassroots engineering project. We cannot offer any refunds once the item has been received. If your item is damaged in shipment please inform us within 30 days and we will send a replacement.


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