Live Call Mini QEG Rotor Design and Schematics Update July 7 2019

In this call Tivon will be providing us with updated information to the mini QEG Rotor Design and Schematics.  This is part two of a call we had a month ago discussing the rotor. Tivon states that this will be the most comprehensive up to date schematic that we’ve had on this project so far. … Read more

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Watch Live Video Call with Aaron Murakami – Plasma Ignition/Electro-Biohacking

On June 23, 2019, The Clean Energy Academy host a live call with Aaron Murakami. In addition to the fascinating information on his Electro-Biohacking and Plasma Ignition projects, this is the first time that we know of where Aaron tells his personal story outside of the Energy Conference (ESTC). Watch video below and see more … Read more

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