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Anti Gravity Technology Live Call December 29 2019

On this call we will be discussing the fun topic of antigravity. Tivon will be reviewing current technologies that show promising results for the future. If you are not a member of The Clean Energy Academy and would like to join the call, or receive a copy of the call in 7 days, please register … Read more

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Our Interview with SGT Report. “Warning: 5G is Coming & It Will Change Everything”

Recently Hope and Tivon were interviewed by Sean from SGT report discussing the dangers of 5G and how it is being fast-tracked as part of agenda 2030. We discussed the connection 5G has to military weapons technology, its financial motivations and solutions that people can employ right now in order to protect themselves. Watch the … Read more

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Live Call: Joule Thief and Flyback Inverter December 8 2019

In this weeks call Tivon will be discussing further Joule Thief circuit designs and providing an update on the development of this project. We will also discuss the development of a Flyback Inverter developed by one of the members of the academy. If you are not a member of The Clean Energy Academy and would … Read more

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