After a year Battery Switching Board now available; demonstration, purchase info

Well it took a year to get this product from the lab to market but it’s here! This Battery Switching Circuit Board was designed by Energy Batlabs & Magnetic Impulse Tech Group LLC to allow for the switching of battery banks in your DIY energy project. The board provides the logic to be used with relays, which will allow you to charge one battery bank while utilizing another during continuous operation.

Those who are familiar with the Bedini School Girl Radiant Charger or Rick Friedrich’s rotating battery chargers will find this as a welcome solution to your battery swapping needs. In the past experimenters had to manually swap power supplies or create their own automated solution. This charging board does the “battery babysitting” work for you.

Watch demonstration below. Link to learn more and order board:

The Technology of Energy BatLabs

Energy Bat Labs Inside
Energy Bat Labs

Geoffrey’s lab contains decades of his life’s work. It is almost impossible to count the number of devices and ground-breaking technologies that Geoffrey has built, all of which are now housed in a 5,000 square foot lab. Geoffrey is now at a point where he is ready to bring out the FIRST of 5-7 of his different devices to the public and he has chosen the Fix the World platform by which to do it. Geoffrey is interested in open sourcing and licensing his technology, and states that “teaching people how to build this stuff is one of the things he wants to do most.”

Collaboration between Energy BatLabs and the Fix the World Organization to Bring Open Sourced Technology to the People

Geoffrey has followed Fix the World and the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) for the last four years  with great interest. At last year’s Energy Science and Technology Conference, Geoffrey met James and Valerie Robitaille, co-founders of Fix the World and designers of the QEG platform.  Geoffrey has a QEG of his own and is now working with renewed enthusiasm alongside James for its development.

Shortly after meeting at the conference, James and Valerie visited with Geoffrey at his Energy Batlabs to do some experiments with the QEG and look at some of his other technology.  We have formed an engineering collaboration and partnership to work together to make these technologies available to the public.

Fix the World has created this fully functioning platform, The Clean Energy Academy,  to roll out open sourced technology and make it available to people on a global scale. We have the ability to support co-development groups around technology, create online shops for product sales and delivery, host global web video energy lab teaching and meetings, and foster a safe troll-free community for members to access their library of technology resources. We have been building our platform over time and have big plans for the near future to implement the distribution of technologies like Geoffrey’s.

Link to learn more and order board:

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