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Molecular Hydrogen Cure – George Wiseman interview available for public viewing (full video)

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On August 16, 2020, Tivon Rivers of the Clean Energy Academy interviewed George Wiseman, inventor of the AquaCure AC50 Molecular Hydrogen (Brown’s Gas) Generator. Topics discussed include: -Testimonies of patients in Wuhan, China, who recovered from covid-19 using hydrogen (hydrogen therapy is the #1 treatment for covid-19 in China) -Eagle Research; Manufacturer of alternative energy … Read more

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George Wiseman 2019 Water Conference Presentation – Chemistry of Brown’s Gas (full video)

HydrOxy travels in your blood bringing every cell the nutrition it needs, and relief from issues related to dehydration (literally meaning lack of hydrogen!) HydrOxy is the world’s BEST anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory for cell health, and has other cytoprotective (cell protective) properties.

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Watch Full Interview Video George Wiseman – Brown’s Gas Hydrogen Generator LIVE CALL Oct. 6, 2019

For the most part, conventional industry has yet to recognize the unique qualities of Brown’s Gas and continues to be largely unaware of its vast and fabulous uses.

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Live Call with George Wiseman – Find out why we think Hydroxy (Brown’s Gas) is the future of the health and wellness sector

We are thrilled and honored to announce our Live Call this week with George Wiseman, inventor/manufacturer of the AquaCure AC50 Hydrogen Generator, and other truly amazing technologies. We consider George a kindred spirit who, like those of us at the Clean Energy Academy, refuses to patent his inventions because he understands the patent system has been used to suppress innovation, and this technology may never have made it to the public.

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