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Here you will find all of our QEG educational materials and courses for purchase, plus the free manual, QEG reports, documentation, videos and important links.

Due to the unique open-source nature of the QEG fuelless generator project, many individuals, groups and so called “experts” have written a variety of bogus opinions on the QEG, however, none of them have ever built one. We have built 6 QEGs in the last two years. Currently there are over 100 QEGs being built in over 40 countries, global co-development at its best!

Educational Materials 

If you are looking for plans on how to make an electricity generator, this is the right place to start! Learn from the team that has spent more time working with this technology that any other groups we know:

Opensourced QEG Free Energy Generator Plans

QEG Ebook

Online Classes and Webinars


About The Inventors

James Robitaille

The designer of the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG), James does not have the same conditioning that the traditional academic system imposes on the entire energy industry (see supporting video HERE). Because of this, he did not have to ‘unlearn’ what conventional science teaches, and has acquired the knowledge and skill neededJames Robitaille to harness atmospheric energy, what modern science says is impossible. He believes that all he has learned during the course of his life has pointed towards the development of a DIY renewable energy project; James sees the QEG as his life’s work! 

James is not impatient, rather he is slow, methodical and thorough, and paces himself – measuring twice before doing anything. For him, engineering work is like meditation and he has stayed the course of QEG development. 

Tivon Rivers

Owner/Operator Space Visuals (DIY circuits and kits), Tivon is always looking for nature-inspired solutions to modern problems. He is the inventor of the open-sourced TeslaGen V1 mini QEG; a portable reluctance engineer Tivon Riversgenerator that can power loads between 700w-900w or more. The prototype is based on phenomena discovered by Nikola Tesla known as resonance and radiant energy, and the entire project is centered around building,
teaching and open-sourcing instructions.

Advantages of the mini are low price, small and light weight, CAD files, easy core winding, hot-swap rotor, and easy experimentation with other popular ‘free energy’ techniques. Please see this page for the TeslaGenV1 mini-QEG.

About Fix The World (FTW) S.A.R.L.

FTW is researching, developing and open sourcing new energy devices that do not require fossil fuel, and teaching engineers technology that could end the energy crisis. The QEG is FTW’s pilot project. 

FTW is teaching the unemployed how to earn a living through online commerce.

FTW is funding small business start-ups in developing countries

FTW is providing humanitarian aid to people in need through food and clothing drives, and emergency medical caravans

FTW is tutoring children in impoverished neighborhoods

FTW is teaching vocational skills to marginalized women

We are fixing the world one project at a time. Visit our website: fixtheworldproject.org

We hope you enjoy the journey through the amazing world of Nikola Tesla’s work, and start your free energy generator build today! 


James & Valerie Robitaille, Hope Moore & Tivon Rivers/Fix the World S.A.R.L.

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