Live Engineering Calls

Live calls are held 2 times per month on Sunday and features special guest speakers from various energy projects. Calls are for members of the Free Energy Academy. You can join the academy by going here: or if you would rather not join you can be notified of upcoming calls HERE and contribute $5 HERE.

#1 – Bioresonance Generator with Ed Becnel

Live Call #16

James Robitaille QEG tuning update for builders, and Ed Becnel demonstrating Gerard Morin’s Bioresonance Generator (demo). It is fascinating to hear James discuss the “memory of steel” and show the radiant energy in the steel core. Ed demonstrated radiant energy using a dead fluorescent bulb and his body.

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#2 – How To Make Orgonite with Tivon Rivers

CALL #2QEG Tuning Update for builders: James Robitaille will present results of tuning at 418 Hz and next steps: conditioning with exciter coil, power output, then self-looping. How To Make Orgonite: Tivon Rivers of Fix The World will discuss and show how you can make your own orgonite.

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#3 – Hacking The Aether with Aaron Murakami

CALL #3James Robitaille QEG tuning update for builders, and guest speaker Aaron Murakami discussing his presentation ‘Hacking The Aether’ from the Energy Science & Technology Conference.

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#4 – Energy Bat Labs with Geoffrey Miller

Call #4QEG Tuning Update with James Robitaille. Geoffrey Miller from the Energy Bat Labs joins us. Photos from his amazing 5000 sq. foot facility full of free energy devices is shown.

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#5 – Tesla Technology with Tivon Rivers

Call #5

James Robitaille QEG tuning update for builders. Tivon Rivers presents Tesla tech.

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#6 – GEET Technology with Dan Easton

Live Call #16

QEG Tuning Update: James Robitaille and how a plasma reactor reforms matter by Dan Easton.

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#7 – Black Box Analysis with Tivon Rivers

Call #7

An in-depth analysis revealing what we believe is inside the WITTS QEG “black box.” Includes 3 supplemental videos.

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#8 – The Vossahedron with Fernando Vossa

QEG Tuning Update for the builders and a new sustainable architecture with Fernando Vossa.

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#9 – QEG Circuit Update with Xingdou Shi

Call #9

One of our QEG builders from China Xingdou Shi has been building the new circuit proposed on his own.

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#10 – The Newman Motor with Geoffrey Miller

Call #10

QEG Tuning Update for the builders and guest Geoffrey Miller discusses the Newman Motor.

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#11 – 5G Protection with Tivon Rivers

Call #11

A full educational presentation about 5G explaining what it is, why its being protested, why its bad for you, and most importantly WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PROTECT YOURSELF

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#12 – QEG Controller Board with Xingdou Shi

Call #12

 James gives an update on the tuning procedure. Xingdou from China is building the new controller board, and Tivon discusses details about it and what it is meant to do.

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#13 – The Phenomenon of Resonance with Tivon Rivers

Call #13

What do Russian Scientists, NASA and the QEG have in common?  In this live call at the Clean Energy Academy we will be giving a presentation that defines the phenomenon of resonance and digs into the hidden history of how this phenomenon was originally worked on in the 1930’s by Russian scientists and then later on in the 1960’s by NASA.

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#14 – QEG Tuning Announcement with James Robitaille

Call #14

1.) A personal letter from Valerie Robitaille who gives us a brief summary of the past 5 years, 2.) Hope discusses the recent online suppression and trolling  problem, and how we are fighting back, 3.) Mini QEG (TeslaGenV1) update from Tivon, 4.) The Clean Energy Academy direction going forward, 5) James presents a detailed description the QEG tuning and opens the mic.

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#15 – New Circuit Developments with Xingdou Shi

Live Call #15

On this weeks call we discuss the latest exciting developments of the new QEG circuit as it is being co-developed with Tivon and Xingdou in China.

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#16 – New Circuit Developments Cont’d with Xingdou Shi

Live Call #16

On this call, Tivon discusses improvements in the new QEG circuit as they are being developed between him and Xingdou in China. James will be joining this call to give an update on his tuning development.

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#17 – TeslaGenV1 (mini-QEG) with Tivon Rivers

Live Call #17

On this live call, we will be defining what we are expecting the next stages in development to be for the mini-QEG. This includes, assembling the machine and bringing it up to resonance and performing several experiments.

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#18 – TeslaGenV1 (mini-QEG) Cont’d with Tivon Rivers

Live Call #18

Updates from the last couple of weeks work in the lab on the mini QEG and the new circuit.  Tivon is making instructional videos on the assembly of the mini QEG, and he’s done the first tests to get the inductance values of the windings.

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#19 – Battery Sequencing Boards with Geoffrey Miller

Live Call #19

Amazing update from the founder of Energy Batlabs Geoffrey Miller! In this live call he will be describing in detail his Battery Sequencing Circuit board that he is now making available for purchase exclusively through the Clean Energy Academy and Fringe Energy.

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#20 – Circuit Testing on the QEG with Xingdou Shi

Live Call #20

We’ve gotten some very positive results so far on the QEG new circuit!  Xingdou has built the circuit and has been testing it on the big QEG. In this call we go over his results.

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