QEG Real World Documentary Series

QEG Real World is a documentary series depicting the lives of a family building a free energy device in Africa, and the building of the device from scratch.


QEG Real World Documentary Series Set

Includes all 9 Episodes and Featurette Film "SURGE"

Over 9 hours of Free Energy Footage

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QEG real world episode two frredom to build flywheel dual resonanceEpisode 2: (40 minutes)
Valerie shares Morocco life. Tivon’s flywheel/overunity equipment arrives. James set up the QEG for dual resonance.
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qeg real world episode three bi-toroid experimentsEpisode 3: (40 minutes) Morocco Life, Flywheel Demo and Bi-TT Demo (isolating the load)

In this episode of QEG Real World we take a look at Moroccan life, giving back to those in need and some exciting experiments with the flywheel and bi-toroid transformer.
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QEG real world episode fourEpisode 4: (40 minutes)
Online Business and Tesla Orgonite

This week we talk about doing business online and show some behind the scenes footage of what it takes to run a tight ship. Plus Tivon walks us through the latest experiment with hand poured orgonite cores inside of tesla coils to use with the QEG, and Jamie gives us a head start on the Leal-Barbosa transformer.
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qeg-real-world-episode-fiveEpisode 5: (40 minutes)

This week QEG Real world takes you on a journey of the local craftsmanship skills that surround us here in Morocco. Tivon talks about Co-development and James leads us through some important follow up information about the Barbarosa / Leal transformer and a project overview / update.
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qeg-real-world-episode-sixEpisode 6: (90 minutes)
QEG Real World Episode Six: QEG’s Around the World, Radiant Energy and Activating/Conditioning the Core

In this weeks episode, we give an overview of some of the other QEG’s around the world including Australia and China, then Tivon walks us through a lesson in radiant energy with his exciting Tesla hairpin circuit that is showing overunity, and Jamie discusses conditioning the QEG core.
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qeg-real-world-episode-seven-finding-the-resonant-frequencyEpisode 7: (75 minutes)
Frank Discussions, Tesla Pancake coil, and Finding Resonant Frequency

This week we get a little “extra real” with some frank discussions around the frustrations in the free energy arena. Tivon discusses a coaxial Tesla pancake coil, and Jamie shows us how to find the resonant frequencies in the QEG core using a spectrum analyzer app on an iPhone.
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qeg-real-world-episode-eightEpisode 8: (70 minutes)
This Episode (in two parts) takes us to the beach for some more candid free energy talks. Then Tivon demonstrates the amazing effects of his radiant energy circuit and James goes in depth to tell us how he found the resonant frequency of the QEG core.
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qeg-real-world-episode-nineEpisode 9: (60 minutes)

Tivon has some exciting news to share about the future of the QEG project in its smaller version and James brings us through the final steps to completing the QEG Prototype.
Episode One Pilot Customs Import and Core AssemblyPart 1: (70 minutes)
The 5-week Morocco customs debacle
QEG Comedy (true story!)

Part 2: Technical
Preparing lab equipment
Preparing the core
Modifying and installing end plates
Shaft to rotor install
Ground loop wiring
Setting up the rotor
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