QEG Webinars

These BEGINNER webinars are taught by James Robitaille. Each consists of questions and answers, and covers instructions on how to assemble the QEG. The webinars go along with the 10-week course/ebook. Each webinar is approximately 2 hrs long. Also see ADVANCED WEBINARS


qeg-webinar-1Detailed discussion includes: parts; pros & cons of building the core vs purchasing a fully assembled one; sourcing, cost, specifications, installation of insulation; details of type, weight, length magnet wire; core assembly; parametric resonance; capacitor bank configuration; photos, drawings, specifications.



Discussion in webinar 2 includes questions and answers pertaining to initial mechanical and electrical setup. Excerpts: “Regarding capacitors, are you saying once tuned, and we know the exact cap size, we need only 1 of the exact value determined from tuning?” and “How does the gap and  tolerances between stator and rotor affect the output power?”



Detailed discussion includes: mounting completed core assembly; drive system specifications; future solid-state SCR drive; updated parts list; mechanical and electrical setup; requirements for recommended load bank; parallel wiring schematic and protection gap components (location, mounting, wiring, and adjustment).



Detailed discussion includes: safe operation and interactions when testing; safe measurements of voltage/current; configuration of electronics; interfacing to mains/utitlity grid; antenna and grounding; the 3 resonances; exciter coil, radiant energy insertion; mica compression variable capacitors; photos and drawings.



QEG ebook

Five years of clean energy research has led to the open source (PATENT FREE!) development of this generator (still in development). Designed and backed by 50 years of combined engineering experience, you will be inspired to arrive at an understanding of reluctance generators and how to build one, as this ebook has bridged the gap for the layman and engineer. A $47.00 value: SEE MORE HERE


An additional $40 value: Includes Class 9 and supporting documentation from the QEG Beginner’s Course

QEG class 9


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All Four 2-Hour Webinars

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