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A Common Language For Electrical Engineering – Lone Pine Writings by Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard is a legendary electrical engineer trained by RCA, Bell Labs and the US Navy. He is the only man alive to have successfully replicated Nikola Tesla’s wireless electricity technology and is considered to be the modern living Tesla. Because of his contribution to electrical science and his advancements in a Tesla-Alexanderson type of Advanced Seismic Warning System, the Federal Government’s documents in relation to this project refer to him as Dr. Eric Dollard, which confers to him an honorary PhD. His fans lovingly refer to him as Professor Dollard.

The Lone Pine Writings (Part 1) and its content was developed out of the general frustration of the author when trying to teach others about his work in electrical engineering. This collection of papers started appearing in discussion threads on Energetic Forum around 2011. At the time, Eric Dollard was living in his famous 1980 Toyota Corolla, in the harsh wastelands of Lone Pine, California. Originally, Eric wrote the material out on paper and mailed it to a colleague who transcribed the material and posted it in the forums under the pseudonym “T-REX”. Each paper or letter was called a “transmission” in honor of the language of a radio operator and contained information on specific electrical engineering terms and how they are to be used. The original format of the material is retained in this edition of the book.


More by Eric Dollard:

The Musical Seismograph

The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity

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Versor Algebra

The Sea Of Energy In Which The Earth Floats by T Henry Moray

RADIANT ENERGY — the term Moray has used to describe that source of energy coming from the Cosmos to the earth and radiating from the earth back from whence it came. This is the energy the Moray device captures and could be described as those particles of energy pervading all space. In the evolution of energy and the evolution of matter these particles of matter and energy (one and the same thing) manifest under certain
conditions as pure energy and under others as pure matter.

Radiant Energy from the Cosmos, like radiant particles of matter, being composed of an infinitesimal quantity whose behaviors are described by mathematical equations similar to those used for describing electrical waves, keeping in mind to differentiate between wave
length and frequence. Radiant- Energy being particles of energy, just as light is wave lengths and particles is comparable to the electron and magnetron; a ring of negative electricity traveling in a vortex with the speed of light. Streams of energy quanta, each quantum having energy and momentum where the electron revolves
around the proton at a distance equal to the electron radius.

Secret of T. Henry Moray’s Crystal by John Bedini (Bedini’s 1984 Presentation)

Gravity Control with Present Technology by David Alzofon

The Holy Grail of physics, gravity control, from theory to applied technology, will be found ins this volume.

The inventor was Dr. Frederick Alzofon (1919-2012), a physicist with a world-class reputation in optics and heat conduction who studied particle physics with J. Robert Oppenheimer and David Bohm, relativity and the scientific method with Victor Lenzen, and applied mathematics with Griffith C. Evans at Cal Berkeley in the 1940s and 1950s.

Alzofon’s theory has the virtue of being visualizable and simple enough to communicate with some old-fashioned hand-waving and sketches on a paper napkin. You will find the “paper napkin” lecture here, as well as the advanced physics you would expect. You will also find experimental proof.

The first half of the book considers the implications of the technology for humanity: the conquest of space, a total revamp of terrestrial transportation, and a second Industrial Revolution. It will also reduce the causes of global warming, while drawing the fossil-fuel industry as early adopters. Entrepreneurs and engineers should find this part of the book most appealing.

The second half of the book dives into the nuts and bolts of the theory and technology. Nothing is withheld. Flash: Nothing is secret either — the technology has been around in full public view since 1981. Why mainstream science ignored it is one of the themes of the book.

In contrast to other books on the topic of “antigravity,” this one delivers the goods in terms of known physical science.

If you’re not a scientist or an engineer, you will not feel left out. The theme of the book is accessible to all, and it’s a popular one: hope for humanity. But here, the hope is based on a world-transforming technology. The time is ripe for a paradigm shift, and this book points the way.


Water Fuel Cell by Stanley A. Meyer

Stanley Meyer was an independent inventor and former Nasa employee who designed and built a motor that ran completely on water, highlighting his technology with a waterpowered dune buggy. His revolutionary car was recorded many times on film and Television. Meyer was recognized by national and international organizations, and was elected inventor of the year in “Who’s Who of America” in 1993. This printing is from Public Domain. All proceeds go towards Non Profit Free Energy charity.




WATER FUEL CELL Hydrogen Fracturing Process… Using Water as Fuel From Memo WFC 420 by Stanley Allen Meyer (Student Loose Leaf Edition)

Hydrogen Fracturing Process … using Water as Fuel. Over the Years man has used water in many ways to make his life on Earth more productive. Why not,now, use water as fuel to power our cars, heat our homes, fly our planes or propel spaceships beyond our galaxy? Biblical prophesy foretells this event. After all, the energy contained in a gallon of water exceeds 2.5 million barrels of oil when equated in terms of atomic energy. Water, of course, is free, abundant, and energy recyclable. The Hydrogen Fracturing Process dissociates the water molecule by way of voltage stimulation, ionizes the combustible gases by electron ejection and, then, prevents the formation of the water molecule during thermal gas ignition … releasing thermal explosive energy beyond “normal” gas burning levels under control state … and the atomic energy process is environmentally safe.


The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman: An Invention Whose Time Has Come

The inventor whose work is featured in this book has innovated a new understanding of electromagnetism — and he documents that discovery in this book. Invariably, some individuals who choose to ridicule this technology have never seen and tested the technology for themselves. However, over 30 physicists and engineers who DID actually test the technology signed legal affidavits attesting to its operability as stated by the inventor. A Special Master (who was a former U.S. Patent Office Commissioner & expert in Electrical Engineering) appointed by a Federal District Court also stated in his Report to the Court that the “evidence was overwhelming that the invention produces greater external energy output than external energy input. There is no contradictory factual evidence.”

Like many scientists throughout history who developed a revolutionary discovery, some members of the conventional scientific community of any given age typically react in this manner: 1) Ignore it, then 2) Ridicule it, then 3) Attack it…. then, years later their attitude is: 4) “Well, EVERYONE knows that…. what’s so new about it?” This book demonstrates that Joseph Newman’s monumental discovery is RIGHT. And where the technology is applied — it will change the world. […]

Newman Motor Disclosure by Geoffrey Miller

Free Energy Generation–Circuits and Schematics : 20 Bedini-Bearden Years

Expanded New Edition! The proven Bedini free energy circuit, complete with color photos, Tom Bearden technical explanations plus now includes Bedini-Cole “window motor”. Do you want to learn how to build a Radiant (Negative) Energy battery charger? Free Energy Generation is the re-issue of John Bedini’s classic 1984 book-Bedini’s Free Energy Generator, a “how-to” book about building a proven free energy generator, complete with circuit and parts list. This marked one of Tom Bearden and John Bedini’s first cooperative ventures, over 20 years ago. And as a bonus, Free Energy Generation also contains the 100 plus page Provisional Patent Application originally filed in 2004 by John Bedini and Tom Bearden, which they have now generously placed into the public domain.

This treatise holds nothing back, and includes virtually all they collectively know about negative energy. Included are circuit diagrams, oscilloscope traces, the works! The whole book is generously illustrated with color photographs of John and Tom taken in the Bedini lab over the 20 years, and the “classic” 1984 Bedini monograph is printed on commemorative antiqued paper. At John Bedini’s insistence, the 2011 2nd Edition also includes his original Patent Application for the 1971 Magnetic Window Motor. Free Energy Generation is the perfect “practical” companion to Tom Bearden’s more theoretical Energy from the Vacuum.


Bedini Radiant Charging Phenomenon Starters Guide – Parts I and II 

A guide to introduce new users to and help replicate the Bedini Radiant Charging Phenomenon. [Loose Leaf Edition 2007]. 40 page. LOOSE LEAF UNBOUND EDITION NO BINDER. OKYDd

More Bedini Technology:
Bedini SG & Beyond: Kromrey Generator Exclusive Disclosure by Peter Lindemann

Bedini SG Beginners Manual by John Bedini & Peter Lindemann

Bedini SG Intermediate Handbook (Bedini & Lindemann)

Secret of T. Henry Moray’s Crystal by John Bedini (Bedini’s 1984 Presentation)

Quest For Zero Point Energy by Moray B. King

Electrical Engineer Moray B. King expands, with diagrams, on how free energy and anti-gravity are possible. The theories of zero point energy maintain there are tremendous fluctuations of electrical field energy embedded within the fabric of space. King explains the following topics: Tapping the Zero-Point Energy as an Energy Source; Fundamentals of a Zero-Point Energy Technology; Vacuum Energy Vortices; The Super Tube; Charge Clusters: The Basis of Zero-Point Energy Inventions; Vortex Filaments, Torsion Fields and the Zero-Point Energy; Transforming the Planet with a Zero-Point Energy Experiment; Dual Vortex Forms: The Key to a Large Zero-Point Energy Coherence.Packed with diagrams, patents and photos. With power shortages now a daily reality in many parts of the world, this book offers a fresh approach very rarely mentioned in the mainstream media.


Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism

Exploring the nature of Magnetism, with regards to the true model of atomic geometry and field mechanics by means of rational physics & logic.

Ken Wheeler presentation at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference (includes 2 hour video presentation and book in pdf form):
Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism by Ken Wheeler






The Complex Secret of Dr. T. Henry Moray by Jorge Resines

Available on Amazon but not reviewed.