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QEG Academy Membership

We’ve been working hard to create a safe online environment for alternative energy enthusiasts who are serious about their research. When you join the QEG Academy you have access to a wide array of new features and exclusive ‘members only’ content. Our goal at the QEG Academy is to create a space that is free from suppression, government and corporate trolls and shills, and other forms of infiltration. This is a place for people who are actively participating in bringing new and controversial (disruptive) technology forward that allows them to network and share ideas, display their projects and further develop their research across the globe with other inventors and alternative energy enthusiasts.

The cost for a QEG Academy Membership is $25 a month. You can cancel at anytime. Once you have purchased a membership using the PayPal subscription button below, we will manually create a user account for you at the QEG Academy. This will take 24-48 hours. Your username and password will be emailed to the same address you used for your PayPal account.


Membership provides access to the following features:

Membership Profiles and Internal Private Messaging System

As a QEG Academy member, you can create your own profile and connect with other members of the QEG academy community. This is a place to network with other builders and enthusiasts to get your project going forward. We have our own internal private messaging software that allows for one on one instant messaging, QEG private chat rooms and group conversations, internal members only announcements, and file sharing. Plus there’s also a phone app you can install for free so that you can take all of your QEG Academy conversations with you on the go! Unlike Facebook and Skype which are highly public and infiltrated, this is an internal system that only QEG Academy members can access. Plus we hope to upgrade this system to include more robust features in the near future. (see QEG Cyberlabs)

Exclusive Video Gallery

Our growing video gallery is divided into two sections and filled with videos that are not accessible on other platforms. The QEG Project Videos section contains footage from many of the QEG builds, and also a selection of instructional videos for those who are interested in building a QEG. (Please note these videos are not full instruction classes as those are sold separately in our QEG products) The Alternative Energy Education Section contains interviews, shows and presentations around suppressed engineering technology.

New Exclusive videos are created and added regularly to the gallery. For a sample list of videos please CLICK HERE.

QEG Forums

Our QEG Academy Forums are the perfect place for suppressed technology information sharing. Members get exclusive access to high quality forums run by professionals. Forums include: testing results, experimentation descriptions and detailed project explanations, new ideas and concepts, business concepts around distribution and production and other robust content. Members can contribute, request new topics, collaborate on projects and design ideas. This environment is moderated to ensure that it is kept secure, clean and free from the riffraff found in other energy forums. Only QEG Academy members can view or post in these forums.

QEG Project Reports

QEG Project Expenditures Reports, Test and Measurement Reports, Technical Updates, Distribution Plans and more! Over the last 2 years of the project, we have composed many reports on the QEG with useful information for those following our progress. These reports are now available only to QEG Academy members.

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