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The Free Energy Academy Silver Membership gives you access to our silver level groups and forums, exclusive videos, and weekly silver member articles all in a safe troll free environment. You will be able to create your own profile, send friend requests and messages to other members and also have access to our private chat rooms and group conversations and internal private instant messaging software on your pc or on the free cometchat phone app for engineering on the go!

Silver Member Groups and Forums Include: TeslaGen Builders, Pulse Motors and Magenetic Flywheels, Tesla Lovers, Targeted Individuals, Energy Coils, LENR Cold Fusion, Radiant Circuits, Orgonite, Quantum Energy Research 2.0

Included in your Silver Member sign up package is a complimentary copy of our Tesla Patents Report, The Quantum Energy Articles, the condensed version of our Forbidden Tech eBook and one free orgone pendant. Cancel anytime by clicking cancel membership under your account.

The price for membership is $9.95 per Month.

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