2017 ESTC Panel Discussions

Many have said the panel discussions are their favorite part of the conference because it gives an insight into the personal nature of the presenters.

2017 Energy Science & Technology Panel Discussion 1 Speakers:

Al Francoeur (Electricity, Gravity & Magnetism),

Yaro Stanchak (Bedini’s Zero Force Motor),

Aaron Murakami (Hacking The Aether; Depalma’s N-Machine),

James Robitaille Multiple Order Harmonics QEG Tuning),

Geoffrey Miller (The Newman Motor),

Jeff Moe (The Gold Magnet)



Panel Discussion 2 Speakers:

Susan Manewich (Alternative Energy Researcher/Writer/Speaker)

Jeane Manning (Alternative Energy Researcher/Writer/Speaker)

Walt Jenkins (H2 Global)

Dr. Paul LaViolette (Two Overunity Technologies)

Aaron Murakami (Hacking the Aether; The N-machine)

Prof. Robert Haralick (Mind Over Matter)

Paul Babcock (The Universal Medium)

This discussion concluded the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference and included topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Synchronicity, Remote Viewing, Creativity, the Subconscious Mind, the Collective Unconscious, and of course some discussion on Energy technologies. MUST SEE!

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