2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – Bedini’s Zero Force Motor (ZFM)

Presentation by Yaro Stanchak – THE HIDDEN DANCE (Le Fin de Siècle) – The presentation begins with a short review of the ZFM’s history and theory of operation. Following is a comprehensive look at the development of the motor’s torque, efficiency and the interplay of the complementary magnetic polarities. Demonstration. Watch preview:

Yaro Stanchak is a retired engineering professional with a lifelong passion for investigation, experimentation and development of interesting concepts. One of the current obsessions is the late John Bedini’s Zero Force Motor concept, the replication of which was first presented and demonstrated at the 2017 Energy Conference. Further investigations and experiments into the ZFM are still ongoing, but there are many intriguing results that are shared and demonstrated during this talk. Yaro’s presentation at the 2017 conference is available along with this year’s presentation here: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=101

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