2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – Speaker Lineup

HAYDEN, IDAHO July 5, 6, 7 & 8

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Paul Babcock: Lakhovsky MWO & Bedini RPX Demonstration –The Lakhovsky MWO (multiwave oscillator, see video below) is considered the “Holy Grail” of electrical devices that increase the life force energy. The Bedini RPX (Rife-Priore-Bedini) Sideband Generator is a device created by John Bedini and creates the REAL Rife frequencies the same way Rife did. There are novel improvements to this process invented by John that are available in this device.

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Aaron Murakami: Ideomotor Effect The first thing to respond to subconscious stimulus is the nervous system, which in turn sends impulses to muscles causing them to contract. When there is an INTENTION in the mind, it literally corresponds to the muscles being put IN-TENSION. The process is also reversible so that if muscles are made to relax, this in turn relaxes the mind. Throughout ones life, the collective experiences create a lot of tension in the body and it is usually unknown to the person. Not only does this lock these into the body, it causes a lot of subconscious noise. This subconscious noise obscures the subconscious mind’s ability to have true clarity or to be able to clearly perceive information that exists in the collective unconscious, matrix, akashic records or whatever one wishes to call this database of the aether.

For most people, the noise to signal ratio is very high meaning there is too much clutter at the subconscious level but there are ways to reduce this so that the signal to noise ratio increases. This basic subconscious-nervous system relationship is the foundation of the Ideomotor Effect but it goes way deeper. It is at the root of every “psychic” premonition, divination technique no matter how crude, it is at the root of remote viewing, which was developed at Stanford Research Institute and is also at the root of how people carry about in autopilot mode without ever realizing they are simply acting out a mental reflex and they have little to say about it contrary to what they believe. It is also at the core of what stimulates synchronicities to happen in ones life – increasing these events in ones life is a skill that is easy to learn and apply and once the overall model is understood, the mysticism disappears and a higher level of empowerment is attained. This goes to the root of who we are and what makes us human – it is an exploration of the source code of consciousness in and of itself.

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Charles Bagely, MD: Phylogeny, Embryology and Anatomy of the Acupuncture Meridian System – Buckminster Fuller said nature always finds the most efficient structure. This presentation will outline the underlying geometric structure of the acupuncture meridian system. Energy plays off a structure. This will be more about structure than energy although the Daoist culture that created acupuncture has a lot to say about energy and consciousness. Conventional wisdom has asserted that there is no anatomical basis for acupuncture meridians. They are just some ethereal ancient Chinese “new age” theory. Evidence will be presented to show that not only is there detailed anatomical basis for meridians but the meridian patterns can be traced back at least 500 million years to the origin of vertebrate evolution and possibility beyond vertebrate evolution. The presence of the vertebrate meridian pattern in nonvertebrate animals suggests it may be one of those generic archetypal “efficient structures”. The key to understanding the meridian pattern is recognizing that it is fundamentally vertical parallel lines which intersect horizontally to form a grid. Vertebrate evolution is also based on establishing a vertical body axis (the spine) which is divided into segments that control the horizontal territories in the body. The acupuncture grid follows this horizontal vertical pattern in the anatomy. While this pattern is genetically programmed by genes highly conserved in evolution, this paper will not address the molecular biology and focus on macroscopic anatomical patterns.

Additional evidence of similar meridian patterns in other nonvertebrate animal groups such as arthropods (insects, crustaceans) raises the question of whether meridians are a more generic archetypal life template. Following the meridians back to their early embryological origins raises another question of whether meridians guide embryo formation or are a result of the formative processes. Division of the anatomy into Yang (back, head, skin/outside the body, extensor muscles/sympathetic nervous system function and Yin (front, internal organs, flexor muscles/parasympathetic nervous system function) divisions confirms the Daoist philosophy that is the basis of the meridian system.

This presentation is tailored to an audience that is not trained in medical school level anatomy.

Rainer Viehweger, MD: Communication & Cooperation in Nature – Dr. Rainer Viehweger studied medicine at the Szent-Györgyi-Albert Medical University in Hungary. He qualified as an orthopedic surgeon at the famous Berlin Humboldt University. He also trained in acupuncture, chiropractics and many other complementary methods which include magnetic field therapies, Scenar, myofascial Trigger shock wave therapy, Psychosomatic Energy and assessing and treating the informational body field.

As part of his long quest to find new ways of dealing with chronic pain syndromes, he found out about the Global Scaling Theory in 2003. He took a postgraduate course at Dr. Hartmut Müller’s Research Institute in 2006. Besides his work of teaching practitioners and doing R&D he still runs a holistic medical practice where he applies the principles of the New Physics. He also devotes some time to spread knowledge about scaling so that it can be used in more areas of life as the principle of communication and cooperation. Dr. Viehweger has published numerous articles about both conventional and complementary medicine and a book, Understanding the Universe through Global Scaling, that discusses the physics of the organization of matter with applications to health and biology.

Presentation: Communication & Cooperation in Nature – Scaling is a natural phenomenon which describes the organization of matter and the characteristics of natural processes. The spectrum of proton resonances is at the core of Global Scaling.

Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich: Dancing with the Aether – Jeane and Susan discuss the latest findings and emerging trends they discovered as they worked on their book Hidden Energy; Beyond Tesla to a Consciousness Shift & Clean Energy Abundance.

For the benefit of ESTC attendees who are new to the breakthrough energy scene, Jeane presents a 15-minute PowerPoint touching on the variety of inventions. She’ll also introduce the main themes of Hidden Energy.

Susan brings in the research she encountered while working on a separate book, Beyond SETI: the Science of Consciousness and Contact. It includes data of UFO contact, its influence on the creation of new technologies, and what contactees are telling us about the planetary shift. Those findings are relevant and may even be a necessary component of the ultimate creation and dispersion of new energy technologies that interact with the aether.

Subtopics for their presentation include:
• An update on the grassroots movement to support breakthrough energy.
• The influence of Spirit on inventors.
• The aether, from a wholistic perspective.
• What the yang and yin are, and why a balance of those energies matters in this field to make the breakthroughs a reality.

Preview of last year’s message below. Full video on YouTube HERE



John Petersen: The Linchpin to Unprecedented Change and the Emergence of a New Era – We are full into the most extraordinary period of change ever experienced by humanity . . . and the acceleration will increase before things begin to settle down. Amazing breakthroughs and manipulations of our reality signal a transition the likes of which baffles conventional wisdom. The endpoint is a new world populated by new humans – both fundamentally different from the familiar forms that we all grew up with.
Many sources paint a picture of a world without war for millennia. Futurist John Petersen will paint the big picture of what is going on, where it could be headed and why new energy is such a key piece of the extraordinary new world.

Aaron Murakami: ELECTRO BIO-HACKING – Electroculture – as we know it today started over 270 years ago when crude high voltage generation methods were used to stimulate an increase in plant production. Plants in their natural habitat are under the influence of the dielectric field that exists between the Earth and the ionosphere as it is crucial to life itself not only for plants but for all living things including us. Electroculture methods enhance this process artificially and 270+ years of documented results speaks for itself. Increase in plant growth, better quality food, drought-pest-disease resistance goes up and there are other benefits.

These are common between all electroculture methods but in the late 80’s to early 90’s, this process was taken to a whole other level where not only did these aforementioned benefits exist, the gene expression changed, which was out of this world. The electrical potential was increased to a level that allowed the sprouting seeds access superior, dormant genes that have been quietly lying there for ages. Wheat going from sprouts to harvest time in 6-8 weeks instead of many months, corn with 4-12 ears per plant, and the list goes on. This went on for a few years until the company that was behind it squashed the research because it could make their pesticides, fertilizers, etc. obsolete and they didn’t want the goose that lays the golden eggs to get out, but it did. Keep in mind that this is not genetic engineering because the genes are NOT changing. There is no manipulation of the genes in the plant, a simple process simply allows it to access what is already there! It completely obsoletes any claims that justify GMO that comes from the large multinational corporations that have been trying to control our food supply. Electro Bio-Hacking will present you with all the information necessary to understand the simple process.

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Ken Wheeler: Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism – Ken Wheeler is an expert in Ancient Greek, Pali, & Russian and has worked for various governmental agencies as a translator. He was the founder of a popular website that focused heavily on the teachings and history of Buddhism with a heavy focus on the etymology of its related language.
Ken is passionate about learning, exploring and teaching various subjects, especially magnetism. Several years ago, he released a free book called Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism, which is already in its fourth edition. This work was dedicated to some of Ken’s personal friends and associates, but also to those that have paved the way for the electrical sciences with clarity and that includes Tesla, Maxwell, Steinmetz, Heaviside and Eric P. Dollard.
The book is available here:  https://archive.org/details/magnetism1small

Eric Dollard: History, Theory and Practice of Electrical Transmission and Distribution – will cover Delta vs Y, Grounded vs Ungrounded, DC vs AC, Star vs Mesh, 50 Hz vs 60 Hz, Harmonics, EMP Resistance, and more.
Eric Dollard is an Electrical Engineer who is a “living legend” in the field of electrical research. He is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert alive today on the true nature of electricity. Author of the landmark mathematical papers Symbolic Representation of Alternating Electric Waves and Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Electric Wave, Eric shows how all electric phenomena can be mathematically measured and engineered WITHOUT using calculus or “Maxwell’s Equations.” Author of Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers and Theory of Wireless Power, he is also the only person since Tesla’s death to successfully build a real Magnifying Transmitter. His last three conference presentations are Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity, The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson & The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity.
More from Eric: 
Watch the preview from Eric’s last presentation:

Anupam Tewari: Tewari Reactionless Generator – ​Paramahamsa Tewari, author, inventor, and retired Executive Director (Nuclear Projects) of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL), passed away on November 27, 2017, in his hometown region close to Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Tewari, who was 80, is survived by his wife, and three children. A B.Sc. Engineering graduate from Benares Hindu University, he had a career over four decades with NPCIL. His pioneering contributions, however, extend beyond his professional career. He is the author of a revolutionary theory in physics, the Space Vortex Theory (SVT), and a number of books on the same, that won early commendation by Nobel Laureates in physics. His theory led him to invent the Tewari Reactionless Generator (T-RLG), a high-efficiency electrical generator.

Mr. Tewari’s son, Anupam Tewari, will be presenting on his father’s work in hopes that it will raise awareness about the T-RLG so that it will not fall into obscurity. The goal is to bring it into commercial production and it is one of the most well-known, highly-vetted true overunity devices ever built.

The generator technology that Tewari was involved with has been measured to produce around 250% more electricity than is supplied to the prime mover. Learn more: https://www.tewari.org/

David Alzofon: Gravity Control with Present Technology – The Doomsday Clock is a symbolic measure of humanity’s proximity to nuclear annihilation. On the 25th of January, 2018, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists issued a statement saying, “It is two minutes to midnight,” a level of danger not seen since the detonation of the first hydrogen bomb in 1954. But nuclear weapons are not the only mortal threat we face: global warming, environmental pollution, and the increasing scarcity of land, water, food and resources have all joined hands in a constricting circle, inflaming economic, political, and religious conflicts that are pushing humanity, and all life on this planet, ever closer to the brink.


Jim Murray is a professional Engineer, entrepreneur, inventor, and research scientist. His primary field of interest has been in novel Power Systems, and understanding the many, under-appreciated aspects Nikola Tesla’s work. He is one of the few inventors in history to receive a US Patent on a “low drag” electrical generator, based on the principle of resonance. Jim is the inventor of the SERPS technology, which showed almost 50 times more energy out than the net draw from a transformer at our 2014 conference. His presentations from the last four conferences are Tesla’s Hidden Discoveries, The Secret of Tesla’s Power Magnification, The Dynaflux Concept & The Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator.

Professor Robert Haralick

Professor Robert Haralick: Subtle Energy Protocols, Experiments and Results – Subtle energy, for a lack of a better term, refers to the energy and/or the change of the structure of space that occurs when influences such as conscious intention affects material reality. An example of this kind of influence is when healers use Qi or Pranna to effect a healing either close by or remotely. Other instances include mental telepathy, remote viewing and the programming of quartz crystals by conscious intention. Tiller uses the quantum mechanics phrase Raising the Gauge. There are other situations where a subtle energy can develop: These include being exposed to certain kinds of magnetic fields or electric fields, being exposed to quartz crystals, and being exposed to sacred geometric forms. This talk discusses the difficulty of doing subtle energy experiments, gives the protocols for a few different kinds of subtle energy experiments involving water, describes a number of kinds of measurements that can be

Learn more about Robert’s presentation from last year: Mind Over Matter

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Karen Elkins: Man, Machine and the Living Matrix –

Everything is made of the same stuff…so is there an exchange at every level? If everything is a field of information, then how does it inform? If everything vibrates then through what? What ethereal medium do most glance over? What is the primordial soup of creation? What is the foundation, and the entanglement – macro to macro.

How did Tesla come up with the wireless network? Where do those ah h moments, and ideas come from? Which greats were electrified? Water is one of the key elements and like all is it fundMENTAL and eleMENTAL. See water images only seen in Science to Sage Magazine, and some never seen before. Explore in new ways.

This presentation is EXTREME on visuals.

Paul Babcock: Earth’s Life Force Generating Mechanism – How life force is under assault – This is the number one issue humanity faces.

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Yaro Stanchak: ZFM The Hidden Dance (Le Fin de Siècle) – The presentation will begin with a short review of the ZFM’s history and theory of operation. Following will be a comprehensive look at the development of the motor’s torque, efficiency and the interplay of the complementary magnetic polarities.

There is a strong likelihood that other surprise developments may arise between now (1/30/18) and the July talk. The current ZFM iteration will be displayed and operated for demonstration.

Last year’s work on Zero Force Motor