Academy Live Call #4: Paul Pantone’s GEET Technology with Dan Easton


QEG Tuning Update with James

Continued from last week (after core mishap) — New core up and tuning!


GEET Technology – How a plasma reactor reforms matter/Projects for Community Development with Special Guest Speaker Dan Easton – (GEET stands for Global Environmental Energy Technology)

Dan Easton worked closely with the late inventor Paul Pantone, who discovered a way to convert waste into a clean-burning, hydrogen-rich synthetic gas.

Dan has traveled the globe learning about, and working with many cultures. He was particularly inspired by Balinese culture, where one’s status is based on “how much you can give away, rather than how much you have,” and has drawn heavily from their example when creating his own designs for social growth and development.

Dan was recently gifted land in the Moroccan mountains – thankfully where Fix The World and the QEG Headquarters is located in Africa – and is well underway working with select community development projects designed to enhance quality of life.

Discussion will begin with an update on how the GEET reactor reforms matter and is applied, and touch upon some of his latest community development projects in Africa:

Permaculture farm
Rotary composting systems
Microbe projects (bio batteries)
Super capacitor-based power storage

You can see some of Dan’s enthusiasm at work in the short video below. Please join us Sunday


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