Academy Live Calls 1-10 SPECIAL!!

Live calls are held on the first and third Sunday of every month and feature special guest speakers from various energy projects. Calls are for members of the Free Energy Academy. You can join the academy by going here: Or if you would rather not join you can be notified of upcoming calls HERE

$30 OFF -10- Academy Live Calls

Originally $55 for the first 10 live calls over 5 months. Now $25 for ALL recordings

(format: mp4s, average time of recordings: 1 hour)

Call 1: James Robitaille gives QEG tuning update, discusses the memory of steel and shows radiant energy. Ed Becnel demonstrates radiant energy using Gerard Morin’s Bioresonance Generator that he built.

Call 2: James presented results of tuning at 418 Hz and discussed next steps: conditioning with exciter coil, power output, then self-looping.
Tivon and Hope orgone energy and orgonite, its every day uses, the scientific effects, and also shared some footage of how they make it.

Call 3: James describes in technical detail how to determine the steel resonant frequency of the core. Also, Hacking The Aether with Aaron Murakami focuses on the properties of the aether, and debunks the mainstream view that there is no aether.

Call 4: James shows a new simple synchronization marker to determine the steel frequency. (Special guest speaker Dan Easton rescheduled for January 21st 2018.) Geoffrey Miller on call. Tivon Rivers gives update on new Tesla pancake coils that he’s designing and marketing through the website (overunity technology with LED arrays, scalable).

Call 5: Tuning Update with James. Tivon presents Tesla tech.

Call 6: GEET Technology – How a plasma reactor reforms matter/Projects for Community Development with Special Guest Speaker Dan Easton

Call 7: Hope Girl and Tivon present an in-depth analysis revealing what we believe is inside the WITTS QEG “black box”.

Call 8: Tuning Update with James. Special Guest Fernando Vossa discusses the Vossahedron, a new, sustainable architecture.

Call 9: One of our QEG builders from China Xingdou Shi has been building the new circuit proposed on his own.

Call 10: Update with James. Geoffrey Miller discusses the disclosure of the Newman Motor and other projects he’s working on.

Academy Live Calls




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