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June 3, 2018

My Dear Friends,

Instead of speaking on the call I’m writing because I have been having dental problems the past few weeks and really can’t talk well enough to get this message across. It’s hard getting the words out clearly, but this is an urgent message, a crossroads of sorts.

As I mentioned on the last call, we are coming up on 5 years since the project began.  It could have been done in a year or even two but several things happened to slow us down considerably. The first obstacle was that our drinking water was contaminated from fracking chemicals, and we were required to leave the lovely mountain trailer we were renting. This was where work on the QEG was supposed to begin. Jamie had set up the shack for this purpose with electricity and shelves, etc., but now all that was moot.

It was at this time we did our first public crowdfunding asking for $7,000 to build the prototype. That campaign was so popular we were overfunded by $11,000 in 10 days. People were literally throwing money at us and the email was overwhelming. We were so touched by the ways in which people were sharing their own stories of needing or wanting to get “off the grid.” When they heard there were to be no patents or non-disclosure agreements on this device they were so very hopeful and supportive, and we were ready to make this happen, come what may. Little did we know what was coming.

It was also at this time Jamie retired because we needed his pension money to move and he didn’t want to rent anymore.  We are rural folks and our area is full of oil wells and fracking. We might be asked to leave a home again if we continued to rent. Jamie didn’t necessarily want to retire but none of his money was available while he was still working.  So we found a nice little house with a horse barn we could convert into a workshop for the project. I imagined converting it back one day and having a horse – a lifelong dream for me.

We put a large down payment on the property (25%) to make a more attractive offer to the owners who were going through a nasty divorce and anxious to sell, and because Jamie was so sure he would have a completed prototype within a certain amount of time. They accepted our offer which was if we didn’t pay off the house after one year we would leave and they could keep the down-payment.

We readied the barn, and purchased parts and equipment with the donations. I don’t remember how but a well-known free energy “expert” heard about us and was eager to meet us. He lived only a couple of hours away. We had started getting trolled by this time and were a little scared, nervous and reluctant to show him what we were doing. So we politely shared Thanksgiving dinner with him and his girlfriend and that was that. He didn’t even know he was sitting on top of the core during dinner, which had just arrived a few days earlier.

By the end of February 2014 we had formed a relationship with Torelco, the company that manufactures kits for QEG builders, and Jamie reached the first resonance. You’ve probably all seen the clips where the lightbulbs light up as the machine falls into that frequency where electrical resonance provides the power that lights the bulbs.

We had been having skype calls with a few donors to discuss how the building was going and keep them updated. One group was from Taiwan and were VERY anxious to have us come and build a QEG there. Jamie didn’t know much about the tech at this time and told them he didn’t know how to control the power. They convinced us though, by saying “we’ll learn how to control the power together.” They paid for 4 of us to go to Taiwan, and lodging and meals.

On March 25th 2014 we published the first public set of plans to build a QEG 5 minutes before boarding the plane to Taiwan. Almost immediately hundreds of thousands people downloaded the plans, which were free.

Our motto back then, and even now were it possible, was an old Horace Mann saying “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” By now we were well-known in the free energy field, and people were donating money to our campaign. We were not only able to travel and work with building teams, we were beholden.  If you don’t know by now my husband is a Godly man and wears his integrity on his sleeve. They wanted us in Taiwan, we went. They wanted us in Morocco and England, we went. And there sat our investment in Pennsylvania which we lost by September 2014. We were homeless.

AND we were being trolled intensely which has only gotten worse to this day. They want to snuff us out but we fight back. We had one particular incident that is so heartbreaking I can hardly speak of it. Wilhelmina, a dear friend of the QEG, wanted to give us $120,000 for development but her bank wouldn’t let her due to the trolling sites calling us scammers, pedophiles and every vile thing under the sun. The government controlled opposition websites designed to look like alternative energy advocates, and debunking sites, have volumes of files on us filled with accusations. They are paid well to send us daily death threats and tell the world things like we took advantage of an old lady (they even put a picture up of her and her dead husband that they got from one of our posts in which we honored her for her effort). People that follow Keshe – the real scammer – have been told we are running a pedophile ring in Morocco (Keshe’s wife told us she was going to do this). There are numerous sites and we are just 4 people.

You can watch many videos about the rest of our story if you’re interested but today I have to inform you that we are at a crossroads. Due to the trolling we cannot fund this project through crowdfunding, and although we have many wonderful digital products for sale we didn’t sell a thing in May. The membership site and donations for the live calls gives us approximately $250/month after business expenses. Jamie gets social security but it’s simply not enough. We are no longer able to sustain this. This winter I worked out of state to get us through. That job is over and while I am looking for work, we are at this time practically destitute. We need help. Our gas is off, our internet was off for almost a whole month and will be going off again soon. We could only pay 1/2 our rent this month. We cannot charge our phones and we choose electricity over healthy food so he can stay at the tuning. We drive a 17 year old car (our 2005 SUV was repossessed). We are at the end of the road dear friends.

Our dream and greatest motivation for the QEG was the co-development concept. Hope even came up with a template where whole communities could reasonably build QEGs for people in that community. However, it has evolved in such a way that everyone’s waiting for Jamie to get it, which we totally understand because no one wants to short out their cores; this is an expensive enough project to begin with without having to replace cores.

He is in the basement of our tiny city apartment many, many hours every day and reports his findings regularly on the calls. I insist he enjoy our grandchildren one day a week but other than that stress overwhelms us. And then there’s the horror of what’s happening to my daughter which she will tell you about. As Jamie’s wife, Hope’s mother, and considering all our losses, I am just beside myself with grief. I hope you will forgive me for being so open about it. I see no other way. We have tried to keep this from you and keep on going because of how far we have come and how close we are. And even though completion of the tuning will be a major breakthrough, there’s more development that needs to happen.

Bare minimum bottom line: We need $1755 right away and $1000 more per month to continue to work on it full-time. If we can’t procure this Jamie will have much less time to put into the project; he’s already looking for a full-time job since anything part time will cut his social security and we’ll still be in the same position. We hope other builders will continue working and collaborate to bring it to completion. We all know it works but without help we can’t be the ones to complete it. I think it still qualifies as us having done something for the betterment of humanity.

We are deeply sorry that we can’t continue in the same way without more help any longer. So many of you have been so supportive – you know who you are and we cherish your hearts. We hope beyond hope you can understand.

Much love,


P.S. The mini is on its way FINALLY to Tivon in Morocco!

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