Extinction Rebellion and Its Links to 5G

Extinction Rebellion protests are Ruses funded by the telecommunications industry designed to force the rollout of dangerous 5G and smart cities. These protests, done by Extinction Rebellion are well funded by the very corporations that are poised to make a killing in profit in the global rollout of 5G. Watch this show on Youtube.

In this show we are going to show you:

Who Runs Extinction Rebellion?
What is the Link With Extinction Rebellion and the communications Industry?
What is the Link With Extinction Rebellion and 5G?

The Government Doesn’t Fund It. The Corporations aren’t the public face of it.
They Use NGO’s or “Charities” to be the benevolent looking face of the movement, and to write the policies that tell the government what to do. These charities are funded by the corporations.

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For Reference links used in the show check out the original blog post at www.realspeaks.com

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