Forum and Group Guidelines

Ground Rules Your paid membership entitles you to a high-quality forum and group posting experience! We do not claim to be the only experts and welcome different views but we strive to keep the forums informative and helpful for the engineers and free energy enthusiasts. Therefore, the following was created to ensure participation and usefulness:

  1. All postings are reviewed prior to being approved and appearing on the site.
  2. Out of respect for our participants’ time, non-productive and off-topic discussion will not be posted. Well-constructed on-topic postings may take up to two business days to appear. All well-reasoned perspectives on any relevant topic are welcome.
  3. Play nice. It’s ok to ask uncomfortable, confrontational, and controversial questions respectfully. Everyone, please familiarize yourself with the concept of internet trolling.
  1. Do not post messages that are inflammatory or nonconstructive about the topic.
  1. Do not post messages that contain offensive language or references or personal attacks against other forum participants.
  1. Do not post the same message in multiple forums.
  1. Do not post unsolicited messages (including “spams”).
  1. When a discussion is only interesting to a small private group or individuals, you can use private messaging.

We are dedicated to making this online environment a safe place for engineers to exchange ideas and work on projects. Failure to adhere to these terms may terminate your ability to post topics, or reply to messages in the forums.   THANK YOU!