Free Energy Academy Live Call – Hacking The Aether with Aaron Murakami

Live Call #3

QEG Tuning Update:

  • James will present latest findings from experimentation with different frequencies and harmonics, specifically.
  • Triangulating and verifying your core steel resonant frequency.


More than two decades ago, Aaron Murakami arrived on the free energy scene debating the fundamental laws of physics and thermodynamics. Not only has he demonstrated proof-of-concept through brilliant analyses of energy systems, Aaron helps us understand logically concepts such as gravity, the aether and free energy.
Physicists have spent over 120 years espousing the non-existence of an aether based on the flawed (Aaron argues convincingly) Michelson-Morley Experiment. At the 2017 Energy Science and Technology Conference, Aaron discussed not only the existence of an aether but the ways in which the aether can be manipulated through polarization, and moved from one point to another. Watch the preview of Aaron’s ESTC presentation below.

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