Gold Magnet 2017 Energy Science and Technology Conference

A simple presentation that shows you how to pick up metals without iron with an easily built electromagnet.

This is not a new concept, but goes back to the early 1900’s and apparently Jeff’s uncle is the originator of the concept. Although others have replicated it and even written about it, there are very few replications!

You will see the history of its invention, theory of its operation and the know-how so that you can replicate your own magnet that picks up gold, silver, aluminum or other non-ferrous metals! Only your imagination is the limit as to the potential uses of this magnet. Build your very own working magnet and then do your own research and development. Share your results in the forum with other inventors and developers to collaborate on the creation of a tool could change many industries!

This is the simplest presentation and how-to on The Gold Magnet ever produced by the Nephew of the Inventor. Watch preview below.

Learn more: Gold Magnet


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