Overview of Geometric Algebra by Dr. Jack Hanlon

Jack Hanlon, Ph.D.In Dr. Hanlon’s last two brief videos, he introduced you to the concept of Geometric Algebra and then gave an introduction to Complex Numbers. In this video, he will give a more comprehensive, but still brief overview of Geometric Algebra.

It is highly recommended to study this video and his other two (all in order) in order to get the most out of his presentation THE SECRET POWER SOURCE FOR OVER UNITY SWITCHED RELUCTANCE GENERATORS at the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

Dr. Hanlon is one of the original QEG (switched reluctance generator) builders working alongside James Robitaille. See Multiple Order Harmonics presentation ESTC 2017 and other materials below.

QEG builder specials

multiple order harmonics

QEG ebook




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