QEG 2018 Update (video): Newly Designed Rotor and New Assembly Technique

The Quantum Energy Generator, or QEG, came on the free energy scene in September 2013 as a disruptive technology device to be developed “by the people and for the people,” designed to be capable of running an average-sized home off-the-grid. The project was immediately discovered by so-called free energy experts, and the QEG became a global phenomenon practically overnight. New Age magazines and independent news channels ran their versions of the QEG story giving them quite the following, and people were donating to their crowdfunding campaign to build the prototype. In the first month alone after publishing , there were over 250,000 downloads of the [then] free plans for building the generator. Everything looked good for development.

They had a brilliant distribution plan that was sure to drastically diminish the possibility of suppression by the big energy and oil companies, who have successfully snuffed out every competitive energy invention hopeful for over 100 years. Cottage Industry Community Units (CICUs) could be set up in one location that built the machine for people in their surrounding community. No more dependence on the energy conglomerates that have the monopoly on electricity; with CICUs around the world it would be virtually impossible to eliminate this technology.

Unfortunately, the inventor and his family were subject to tactics described here to suppress technology. It usually comes in the form of vile internet communication but this family also had on-site experiences of attacks, mostly with the intent of making sure the one doing the attacking gets their claws into this handy little gadget – either to make money and obtain controlling power because of it, or make sure it never reaches the mainstream.

Regardless of the attacks, the QEG is still on the free energy scene, has been since 2013. The family seems to be genuine true holdouts for the promise of developing free energy for the people. This remains their goal and driving motivation. You can read their 5 year history in the free energy field by joining the academy HERE. 

UPDATE 10-18-2018: In the video below, James Robitaille demonstrates assembly instructions for a revised process to install the new rotor using shims, and lift and position the 130 lb core component. Rotor air gap is now 0.0045″ (reduced from 0.013″ in the old rotor design). This process required special fixturing to assemble horizontally: shop crane, horizontal assembly table with opening in middle (for tightening bearings with shims in place). Slots had to be added in the drive side end plate to be able to remove the shims after securing bearings in place. Wire handling is clearly shown.
Clear assembly instructions for individuals and groups researching the QEG generator technology, with much detail.

Karen Elkins, Interviewer Extraordinaire
Interviews James and Valerie Robitaille at the
2017 Energy Conference: https://youtu.be/ebWev43ohOI
Source article from https://fringeenergy.com/qeg-generator-development-2018

qeg 5th ed build manual


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