QEG Family’s Response to Dr. Steven Greer $100K Star Award

This is the QEG family’s official response to Dr. Steven Greer’s most recent UFO and free energy disclosure plans video. It is with great respect for Dr. Greer’s work that we present our response in hopes of working with other free energy inventors and enthusiasts toward ending the secrecy of these subjects.

Throughout the years Dr. Greer has given us a clear and undeniable, behind the scenes look at the military might that has been running the planet for decades, if not much longer. He has taught us how to meditate and enter a state of love and acceptance through his C5 program of contact with ETs. We see that he has devoted much of his time and life to revealing certain detestable truths about the MI complex, black ops, special access programs and the illegal secrecy wrought by corrupt governments.  He has consistently shown concern for the human family by presenting evidence that the people have not been privy to, but need desperately at this time in our history on Earth if we are to effect change on a nearly devastated planet.

It is for these reasons we honor Dr. Greer and wish to respond to the most recent call-out for free energy technology/devices that can now be funded, developed to completion, mass-distributed, and for ALL people of the Earth, not just a select few elite families to control, specifically, the ones responsible for devastating and prolonged poverty, and so much of the horror encompassing the planet today.

We are in the final developmental phase of the QEG; converting the power to loop back and run the motor. It has been a long and sometimes wearisome road for us but with each mistake made and each milestone of development reached, we became stronger. To those who are against this technology being known among the masses, whether the big energy industry or the despicable Internet trolls, it should be clear to see we are not going away. Quite the opposite – we continue to redouble our efforts and are closer than ever to our goal, regardless of severely limited resources and immense obstacles.

Those who know our work know that we are committed to the open-sourced model. As far as we know we were the first to design and opensource the plans for a “closed-loop, free energy device that runs itself, the input charged from the output, putting out usable power as watts, and powering things” (Dr. Greer’s criteria). The QEG is such a machine. However, we see that Dr. Greer’s requirements are exactly the same as they have been for quite some time, regardless that there might be new sponsors aboard. Please watch this short clip HopeGirl did on one of the People’s Free Energy Shows to see the breakdown of the requirements for getting a free energy device submitted:

After watching Dr. Greer’s new video (April 2016, Washington, D.C.) and going to the website given, it appears the requirements for submitting a free energy prototype are the same as they were several years ago. We are wondering what the difference is between then and now and if his present contacts are indeed sincere in their agreement “to support the scientists, inventors and technology holders in any way they need to financially.”

Quoting a sentence from the $100,000 Star Challenge: “we have spent many years and over $900,000 traveling the world testing, providing grants to individuals and attempting to find such a device. Many were frauds, others were legitimate- but the inventors wanted to keep the technology secret.”

The QEG family is neither fraudulent nor wanting to keep the plans for our device secret. So we question why we have not been contacted by Dr. Greer in the 2 years we have been on the so-called free energy scene providing opensourced materials. The Internet trolls find us easy enough as our documentation is all over the Internet, and we provide periodic development updates and how-to videos (watch our latest videos:



James Robitaille says: “In my most recent video you can see I’ve shown the concept of the bi-toroid transformer works for the QEG; it does the phase correction, converting the VARs to watts, and isolates the load from the generator. There is no feedback to the resonance or the output. And these are two very important concepts: the load will not affect the resonance of the generator, and the other feature is that it corrects the 90 degrees-out-of-phase condition, and brings the current and voltage into phase.  This method produces real power (watts) by consuming reactive power (VARs). Utilizing the new bi-toroid transformer now being built, the motor will take real power to self-loop the machine, with additional power left over to run other things. With additional tuning, the QEG is designed to run an average sized home. Continued development and optimization will have many applications.”

We believe the global vision of access to free energy devices is what we have in common with Dr. Greer if this is his true intent. We encourage Dr. Greer and his team to look over our materials, if they haven’t already, and schedule a meeting with us if interested. A major manufacturing company is providing QEG parts, and approximately 150 units (that we know of) are being built worldwide. When complete, both the QEG and the TeslaGenV1, or mini-QEG, can be “independently verified and completely reproducible” by those with the money to make this happen.

Ignoring all the derogatory comments, lies, hate and threats from people who said it couldn’t be done, that we were scammers, etc. etc., this family is actually DOING IT and sharing it with the world. We believe that we have the most heavily trolled and purposely defamed free energy device on the Internet, which we perceive as having touched a nerve of many of the controllers. We have a large selection of educational materials for the DIY engineer unlike anything seen on the subject online. However, as we have shown, it is unreasonable for us to comply with Dr. Greer’s requirements – we simply don’t have those kinds of funds after our long and expensive journey bringing this technology to THE PEOPLE.

So in full transparency, we invite a meeting with Dr. Greer and his team if anything is different than in the past for submitting to the $100,000 Star Challenge. The most important considerations for us are, in Dr. Greer’s words, “to opensource the plans to the public free of cost, no patenting and no secrets, so that the world can quickly adopt the technology and pull us away from the precipice that we (humanity) are plunging down.”

Thank you.

Link to Dr. Greer’s new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56j6ySv14rk

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