QEG Questions Comments Response Policy

At the QEG Academy, we get a lot of questions.  We have invested a lot of time and thought answering these questions through our FAQ’s, and our media materials. We are a small team, and it is impossible to answer or respond to the volume of questions and comments on a daily basis.

We make it our policy to not answer “one off” questions written in comments sections, on skype, social media or email.  Please do not expect a reply in this manner. Again, most of the questions we receive have already been answered in our materials.

We have created  a professional consulting service headed by James Robitaille (QEG) and Tivon Rivers (TeslaGenV1) for one-on-one questions and answers. We have also created a paid membership area where technical issues can be discussed in various forums and members can connect with other engineers and free energy enthusiasts through chats and internal messaging (IM).