This video gives an in depth explanation about how the technology in the Quantum Energy Generator works. After an introduction from Hopegirl, a full excerpt from our movie “Chasing Tesla” is displayed showing resonance technology as it was discovered and used by Nikola Tesla is presented. Nikola Teslas patents for resonance machines as well as a comparison for the schematics for the QEG are also included in the explanation.

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QEG Technology Explained By Hopegirl from Hope Moore on Vimeo.

If you want to get involved or contact Hopegirl or learn more about the project Join the Clean Energy Academy here: https://qegfreeenergyacademy.com/join/ On the academy you can get the build plans for the QEG, the CAD package for the mini QEG, join us on live calls twice a month, and also have access to our full library of schematics, building instruction videos, test and measurement reports, project reports and much more.

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