Watch Live Video Call with Aaron Murakami – Plasma Ignition/Electro-Biohacking

On June 23, 2019, The Clean Energy Academy host a live call with Aaron Murakami. In addition to the fascinating information on his Electro-Biohacking and Plasma Ignition projects, this is the first time that we know of where Aaron tells his personal story outside of the Energy Conference (ESTC).

Watch video below and see more of Aaron’s work HERE



REVEALED: How I made that white ball of sunshine in the spark plug gap you see in the picture below with theSAME power that it takes to power a CDI!!!

I know you’ve “heard it all” when it comes to ignition enhancements that are supposed to increase power, mileage and decrease emissions…READ MORE




REVEALEDThe Simple Method that any Proficient Engineer can Experiment with – Corn with 5-12 Ears per Stalk, Superwheat that is ready to Harvest in 6 Weeks instead of Months and More Mind-Blowing Results.

Electroculture is the science of using high voltage to influence the growth of plants; plants grow faster, stronger, and need less nutrients, pesticides and other additives. Many of these methods simulate the Earth’s natural dielectric field that exists between the ground and the ionosphere. Learn more…




Live calls are held 2 times per month on Sunday and features special guest speakers from various energy projects. See individual calls/descriptions here:

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