2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – Man, Machine and the Matrix

In this presentation Karen Elkins takes you on a visual journey though a myriad of disciplines and shows you the interconnectedness within the universe – micro to macro – man, machine and the matrix.

Because she is the editor, researching and designer of Science to Sage E-Magazine, and has produced over 53 issue hosting the best in the world, she has images most have never seen. Her presentation shows riveting images of water most in the world have NEVER seen.

Here, witness the living matrix – its eleMENTAL. Full presentation available here: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=132


Karen’s 2018 ESTC Science To Sage Magazine available here: http://emediapress.com/affiliates/reports/pdf/2018ESTCmag_etwz4cbraj.pdf It’s free!

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