Graphene and Graphene Oxide Basics Live Call Sunday August 22, 2021 @5PM EST

graphene oxide basics

Live Call Sunday August 22, 2021 @5PM EST In this weeks live call at the Clean Energy Academy we will be taking a detour from our regular scheduled lab work to do a complete overview on Graphene and Graphene Oxide. The goal of this call is to help educate the general public about this substance … Read more

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Only 60 2021 ESTC tickets avail, Cosmic induction generator update, Tesla Turbine

Here are the latest updates for the 2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference – there’s a lot more so will send out another update soon. 2021 ESTC: ONLY 60 TICKETS REMAINING! We’ve been advised to reduce our available tickets by half until we know how much the restrictions will be lifted, which we should know … Read more

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QEG Update Live Call January10, 2020 5pm EST

qeg rotor update dec 2020

On this live call Tivon will be giving the latest updates on the progress of the QEG. If you are not a member of The Clean Energy Academy and would like to join the call, or receive a copy of the call in 7 days, please register (free) and make your $5 contribution below. REGISTER … Read more

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Operation Warp Speed Exposed. The Terrifying Plan to Track and Trace You. A presentation given by Hope (Naima) and Tivon of with Sean on the SGT Report. Watch the full video here on Bitchute below. Please support SGT Report on SubscribeStar: To order products designed to mitigate harmful EMF: The information … Read more

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QEG Inverter Update Live Call Sunday January 13 2019 6PM

On this live call Tivon will share the recent development of the QEG inverter (which is part of the circuit).  The inverter schematics and electronic parts used will be shared on the call for those who wish to build or develop the QEG circuit. This is the first of many updates planned dealing with the … Read more

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2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – Man, Machine and the Matrix


In this presentation Karen Elkins takes you on a visual journey though a myriad of disciplines and shows you the interconnectedness within the universe – micro to macro – man, machine and the matrix. Because she is the editor, researching and designer of Science to Sage E-Magazine, and has produced over 53 issue hosting the … Read more

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QEG developer James needs help, a letter from his wife

Dear Friends, We are coming up on 5 years since the QEG project began. It could have been done in a year or even two but several things happened to slow us down considerably. On March 25th 2014 we published the first public set of plans to build a QEG, 5 minutes before boarding a plane to … Read more

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QEG, Tesla and Free Energy Economy

What we’re trying to do here is provide a basic framework on alternative energy technologies that aren’t necessarily complicated but present another view on how obtain energy efficiently. Hopefully, we can give people the missing piece that they need to create something for their communities and their families to stave off any kind of disaster, … Read more

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