2018 ESTC Petersen (preview) New Energy: The Linchpin to Unprecedented Change

John Petersen 2018 ESTC

John Petersen forecasts that in the next 10 years, that we’ll have 80 times more advancements than we did in the past 100 years! Each “quantum leap” throughout history is followed by another acceleration in knowledge and understanding that happens in one-tenth the time of the previous one. If an equal amount of breakthroughs happen … Read more

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2018 ESTC Paul Babcock presents: The Living Earth

Living Earth

The human lifeforce energy is discussed in detail and how many cultures have their own specific language to discuss it as well as the method used to intake this energy into our body for storage. Paul then takes us on a journey into the basics of the fact that our Universe is electrical, which is … Read more

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2018 ESTC Presentation: Anatomy of the Acupuncture Meridian System

2018 ESTC presentation

Buckminster Fuller said nature always finds the most efficient structure. This presentation outlines the underlying geometric structure of the acupuncture meridian system. The Daoist culture that created acupuncture has a lot to say about energy and consciousness. Conventional wisdom has asserted that there is no anatomical basis for acupuncture meridians; that they are just part … Read more

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2018 ESTC: Peter Lindemann demonstrates Benitez Self-Recharging Battery System

Lindemann Benitez

PREVIEW  For full presentation: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=127 Dear Friend, Between 1915 and 1918, Carlos F. Benitez was issued 4 British Patents on a “System for the Generation of Electric Currents.” It was the early days of the “electrical era” and many experimenters were claiming new ways to produce useful electrical effects. But this was different. Benitez … Read more

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Circuit Testing on QEG Live Call August 26, 2018

We’ve got some very positive results so far on the new circuit.  Xingdou has built the circuit and has been testing it on the QEG, in this call we’ll go over his results so far. If you are not a member of The Clean Energy Academy and would like to join the call, or receive a … Read more

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2018 ESTC Tewari Reactionless Generator Presentation (preview)

Normal generators create a back-torque against the prime mover because of Lenz’s Law, which can be explained as an electromagnetic equal and opposite reaction, but this is completely circumvented in the Homopolar Generators. Bruce DePalma simplified and advanced this concept with his invention known as the N-Machine, which is a simple spinning permanent magnet or … Read more

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2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference presentation: Dancing with the Aether

Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich team up again at the 2018 Energy Science and Technology Conference in their presentation “Dancing With The Aether.” Jeane Manning, who has the pulse of free energy technologies across the globe, shares the basics of the Aether, the goal of clean energy being available everywhere, and the path we can … Read more

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2018 ESTC Presentation: Mind Over Matter (preview)

For full presentation: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=124 At the 2018 ESTC (Energy Science & Technology Conference), Professor Robert Haralick takes us deeper in the realm of subtle energies by showing exactly how he measured quantifiable changes in water that result from conscious intention alone. This is the companion presentation to the presentation from last year. Watch preview: This talk … Read more

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Develop, Disrupt, Download – Ken Rochon 2018 ESTC – Fun video

Ken Rochon gave a short presentation at the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference, bringing laughter and a positive message. Enjoy!

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Electro-Biohacking: A true free-energy technology 2018 ESTC presentation

For full presentation: http://www.emediapress.com/go.php?offer=robitai&pid=122 Electroculture is the science of using high voltage to influence the growth of plants; plants grow faster, stronger, and need less nutrients, pesticides and other additives. Many of these methods simulate the Earth’s natural dielectric field that exists between the ground and the ionosphere. Throughout almost three-hundred years of experiments, field trials, stringent … Read more

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