Ideomotor Effect: Synchronicities have a biological basis (Video)


Usually giving 1 or 2 science presentations at the ESTC each year, one of Aaron Murakami’s presentations in 2018 was The Ideomotor Effect: Uncovering the Mechanics of the Human Mind (watch preview below). Have you experienced synchronicities? Strangely beautiful and meaningful coincidences? Have you wondered how remote viewers are able to see things thousands of miles … Read more

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2018 ESTC Paul Babcock presents: The Living Earth

Living Earth

The human lifeforce energy is discussed in detail and how many cultures have their own specific language to discuss it as well as the method used to intake this energy into our body for storage. Paul then takes us on a journey into the basics of the fact that our Universe is electrical, which is … Read more

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2018 ESTC Tewari Reactionless Generator Presentation (preview)

Normal generators create a back-torque against the prime mover because of Lenz’s Law, which can be explained as an electromagnetic equal and opposite reaction, but this is completely circumvented in the Homopolar Generators. Bruce DePalma simplified and advanced this concept with his invention known as the N-Machine, which is a simple spinning permanent magnet or … Read more

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2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference presentation: Dancing with the Aether

Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich team up again at the 2018 Energy Science and Technology Conference in their presentation “Dancing With The Aether.” Jeane Manning, who has the pulse of free energy technologies across the globe, shares the basics of the Aether, the goal of clean energy being available everywhere, and the path we can … Read more

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2018 ESTC Presentation: Mind Over Matter (preview)

For full presentation: At the 2018 ESTC (Energy Science & Technology Conference), Professor Robert Haralick takes us deeper in the realm of subtle energies by showing exactly how he measured quantifiable changes in water that result from conscious intention alone. This is the companion presentation to the presentation from last year. Watch preview: This talk … Read more

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Electro-Biohacking: A true free-energy technology 2018 ESTC presentation

For full presentation: Electroculture is the science of using high voltage to influence the growth of plants; plants grow faster, stronger, and need less nutrients, pesticides and other additives. Many of these methods simulate the Earth’s natural dielectric field that exists between the ground and the ionosphere. Throughout almost three-hundred years of experiments, field trials, stringent … Read more

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2018 ESTC: The Meaning of Unity in Energy Conversion Systems by Jim Murray

Jim Murray shares his insights into segregated load analysis, looping overunity systems and other related topics. Watch preview below. Full presentation: (Subscribers: Use the code UNITY25 for a 25% discount) Other works by Jim Murray (click links): The Dynaflux Concept and Lenz’s Law Patent Collection Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator The Secrets of Tesla’s Power Magnification

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2018 ESTC Presentation: Gravity Control with Present Technology by David Alzofon

BIf you’re technically oriented, particularly if you have a background in electrical engineering, you’ll find gravity control easy to understand. And if you’re familiar with the rocky history of alternative energy development, you will quickly see that gravity control is a gateway technology — not only for easy access to space and a complete overhaul … Read more

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