**NEW RELEASE** Energy Conference 2020: Paul Babcock’s Electrocoagulation Presentation

From our friends at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference: Paul Babcock’s presentation on Electrocoagulation (EC) is finally available – if you want to know how to purify water for pennies compared to many methods, which is also super simple, this will be very valuable to you. EC has been around a long time, which … Read more

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Karen Elkins interviews Paul Babcock Part 1 | 2017 Energy Conference (VIDEO)


Karen Elkins (Science To Sage Magazine) is brilliant at asking the most meaningful questions of free energy experts, which is particularly helpful if you are not an engineer or a scientist. Paul calls himself a scientific, religious, institutional heretic, lol. Free energy is the driving force in Paul’s life, and he comes to the conference every … Read more

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2018 ESTC Paul Babcock presents: The Living Earth

Living Earth

The human lifeforce energy is discussed in detail and how many cultures have their own specific language to discuss it as well as the method used to intake this energy into our body for storage. Paul then takes us on a journey into the basics of the fact that our Universe is electrical, which is … Read more

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