Last 2018 ESTC presentation: Communication & Cooperation in Nature


Quantum physics has shown us that in the quantum realm probabilities and potentials are the most common factor of creating reality. But who can answer the question of how the fundamental order to create our universe arises out of the chaos where everything is possible? There must be some idea or plan which the universe … Read more

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2018 ESTC – Ideomotor Effect: Uncovering the Mechanics of the Human Mind

Ideomotor Effect

The Ideomotor Effect is but one part of A Course in Mind Power but is one of the most important that anyone can understand because once it is fully comprehended, it is easy to see that experiencing synchronicities has a biological basis for happening. It is also the underlying basis for downloading information directly from the collective – direct … Read more

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2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference – Man, Machine and the Matrix


In this presentation Karen Elkins takes you on a visual journey though a myriad of disciplines and shows you the interconnectedness within the universe – micro to macro – man, machine and the matrix. Because she is the editor, researching and designer of Science to Sage E-Magazine, and has produced over 53 issue hosting the … Read more

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Joule Thief Circuits Live Call September 9 2018

Joule thief circuits are used to efficiently power small loads in numerous electronics.   In this weeks call, Tivon will be discussing his research on various types of Joule thief circuits, what they’ve been used for and the possibilities of how they can be applied to your DIY electrical projects. If you are not a member … Read more

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#FINISHTHEQEG Update Sept 3rd 2018

In this update we show the latest promising results from Xingdou in China who is working on the circuit, plus we’ve got the mini QEG up and running its first tests!  Exciting ending to this update, be sure to watch to the end!

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