Overview Video of Dollard’s Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer talk

Eric Dollard’s presentation Theory, Calculation & Operation of Colorado Springs Tesla Transformer, which will be given at the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference in July, will be the most comprehensive analysis of Tesla’s Colorado Springs Magnifying Transmitter ever given, complete with a working 20:1 scale model demonstration. This is destined to become an instant … Read more

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Live Call Induction Motor Techniques

On this live call at the Clean Energy Academy Tivon Rivers will be giving a presentation around Induction Motor Techniques and how they can be applied to the QEG. This is a broad topic and may take place in two parts. This is part one. If you are not a member of The Clean Energy … Read more

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Five thousand inventions in limbo and under “secrecy orders”

…  at the US Patent Office How many of these patents, if granted, would be game changers for planet Earth? Who knows? Buckle up. Here we go. “There were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2010, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office told Secrecy News last week. It’s … Read more

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