Is the QEG a scam / hoax?


The QEG is not a scam. The QEG is an open sourced project that is in co-development with various teams of people around the world. It is based on technology that was invented by Nikola Tesla and suppressed for 130 years. Many engineers see the electrical potential of this different form of energy production and are eager to experiment and learn. There are over 100 QEG’s that are actually physically being built in over 40 countries.  Some of the people who are building QEGs come from backgrounds such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos Laboratories and the United Nations.

The nature of the QEG project makes it one of the biggest threats to the oil industry. Because of this, we receive more controlled opposition, and suppression attacks than any other free energy device on the planet.

Suppression of new forms of energy production is very real and has a long dark history. Energy companies and government agencies have employed people to create websites and rumors that the QEG is a scam in an effort to control public opinion to believe that such technology is not real so that we will all keep paying our utility bills for a 600 trillion dollar industry.  These statements are not just opinions, they are based in facts with mountains of evidence to support them.  Please read our full report: “What you need to know about Internet Trolls and Free Energy Debunkers” for more details.

The QEG is a grassroots project that is being carried out by average people and engineers who are trying to help further the technological advancement of our human condition, and free us from the control of the energy industry.

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