Does the QEG Free Energy Violate the Laws of Physics?

One of the questions people ask is “Does the QEG free energy violate the laws of physics? The QEG is an asymmetrical open system that operates according the laws of nature. It does not violate the laws of thermodynamics (physics) as these only apply to a closed symmetrical system. Asymmetrical open systems have been traditionally omitted from higher educational learning programs, so your university instructor does not know about them and assumes they don’t exist.


James Clerk Maxwell FRS FRSE (1831–1879) was a Scottish mathematical physicist. His most prominent achievement was to formulate a set of equations that describe electricity, magnetism, and optics as manifestations of the same phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic field. His discoveries helped usher in the era of modern physics, laying the foundation for such fields as special relativity and quantum mechanics. In his ORIGINAL work: The Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field, Maxwell identified two separate systems, both of which were completely different from each other:

1)Asymmetrical system – an ‘open’ system that allows the creation of a series of exchange of energy reaction to our inputs, based on electromagnetic resonance or electromagnetic feedback in every spin (on a motor), or in every pulse of input in a static coil. One of the first asymmetrical motors was Faraday’s ‘Unipolar Motor,’ later modified by Nikola Tesla. These systems generate their own energy and do not require fossil fuels.

2) Symmetrical system – a ‘closed’ system that cancels the electromagnetic resonance with every spin, which creates wasted energy in excessive heat and requires an additional energy source to run such as fossil fuels. These are the “symmetrical obsolete systems” we use every day in all of our electrical appliances.

One year after Maxwell’s death in 1879, scientists Hendrick Lorentz financed by J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison, mutilated Maxwell’s original work and spent the next two decades deleting all knowledge of asymmetrical systems that would not require the profitable oil industry to operate. They ‘symmetrized’ all of Maxwell’s equations, and labeled these incomplete theories as the “Laws of Physics”. While the laws of physics do indeed apply to symmetrical closed systems of energy, there is another set of laws: The Laws of Nature, which apply to the asymmetrical systems that have been suppressed by the financial interests of the banking families for the last 130 years.

This knowledge was banned from our educational system, and no physics or electrical engineering school on our planet would ever teach about asymmetrical systems. Instead, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, which depend on the consumption of profitable fossil fuels, would conveniently prevail in our public knowledge base.


The laws of physics tell us that perpetual motion is not possible, yet how does the earth rotate? The laws of aerodynamics tell us that bumblebees are incapable of flight, yet how do they fly?

Conventional scientists from all over the world will make statements such as: “The claim that this is going to run permanently or indefinitely doesn’t seem to hold because the second law of thermodynamics tells us that this is not possible.”

Around the turn-of-the-century eminent British scientist Lord Kelvin said “Radio has no future, heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible, and x-rays are a hoax” – so much for conventional science.

The laws of nature contain concepts that focus on frequency, resonance, vibration, magnetics and energy. A perfect example of this can be found in the aerodynamics-law-breaking flight of the bumblebee.

Ralph Ring is an innovative technician who worked with Otis T. Carr, a direct apprentice of Nikola Tesla. In his presentation at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, Mr. Ring gives an amazing explanation of the flight of the bumblebee:

“Next to the larynx in the bumblebee’s throat, there is a tiny hollow tube that acts as a resonance cavity that accumulates frequency. When the bee starts beating its wings, it does this to accumulate frequency which bounces back and forth in the resonator cavity until it reaches the same frequency of the earth, known as the Schumann frequency. Once the bee reaches the same frequency as its surroundings it evens out into what is known as zero point. When anything reaches zero point you can then change the energy. The bee is now free from the gravitational influence around it, creates its own little magnetic bubble and hovers around. There are some lizards and hummingbirds that do the same thing.”

This is how the laws of nature work. When you can tune something to vibrate at the same frequency as the earth and reach zero point, you are freed from the frequency influence of your environment and can then change the energy into anything you want including levitation or electrical energy.

This is how the QEG works: Tesla’s design causes it to resonate so that it matches the frequency of the earth, and in zero point it changes the energy into self-renewing electrical energy.


For More information, please view this video on why they don’t teach free energy tech in schools and decide for yourself the answer to the question “Does the QEG free energy violate the laws of physics?”

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