Live Call – QEG Tuning Update & WITTS Black Box Analysis (VIDEO)

The Clean Energy Academy – Live Call #7 now available for non-members. See links below about the academy.

Part 1: James Robitaille gives a detailed tuning update for the builders/members
Part 2: Principles of a Tesla Circuit. HopeGirl and Tivon present an in-depth analysis revealing what they believe is inside the WITTS QEG “black box.” For those who have followed this project over the years, one question has had many engineers stumped around the QEG prototype completion. On Youtube there are a couple of videos put out by WITTS showing a finished self-running QEG prototype.  These videos show the QEG set up with a black box that has a piece of paper hiding what’s inside of it. Hope and Tivon believe they have discovered what components are in there and what their purpose is. They give a full explanation that sheds some light on this topic.

Additional materials discussed on the call can be purchased for $10 HERE.

This is the first public showing of a live call the Clean Energy Academy had 9 months ago. They wanted to give our viewers a hint about the behind-the-scenes research and development side of the QEG, something they haven’t been able to do for over 2 years due to opposition groups.

Live calls are held 2 times per month on Sunday and features special guest speakers from various energy projects. Calls are for members of the Clean Energy Academy. You can join the academy by going here: Individual archived calls below are $5 each, 20 calls for $39.00. See more details about each call here:


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