Ideomotor Effect: Synchronicities have a biological basis (Video)

Usually giving 1 or 2 science presentations at the ESTC each year, one of Aaron Murakami’s presentations in 2018 was The Ideomotor Effect: Uncovering the Mechanics of the Human Mind (watch preview below).

Have you experienced synchronicities? Strangely beautiful and meaningful coincidences? Have you wondered how remote viewers are able to see things thousands of miles away? In detail? Were you ever astounded by the action of a Ouija Board?

The ideomotor effect is the underlying basis for phenomena such as the above. You can learn about and use the ideomotor effect for other sensitive activities as well. Did you ever get a mental “download?” Maybe you wrote something so inspiring and just knew it came from another place, information directly from the collective, direct knowledge. The ideomotor effect is responsible here too, and you can learn how to increase the accuracy of what you are perceiving from your ‘downloads.’

Every method used to predict things in the future, including remote viewing, has its basis in the Ideomotor Effect, which Aaron describes as an art, a science, repeatable, and anyone can learn. (In the full presentation, he shows examples of his practice remote viewing sessions. Also see A Course In Mind Power)

Aaron has open-sourced many gigabytes of his work in Energetic Forum and Energy Science Forum for many years – that includes his work on his patented plasma ignition method (which is said to be the most significant advancement in automotive history since the invention of the internal combustion engine), the “Gray Tube”, the water fuel cell technology, and others. He is also a founder of Energetic Forum and Energy Science Forum (combined membership of over 150,000), and is the primary organizer for the Energy Science & Technology Conference (ESTC).


The Ideomotor Effect
by Aaron Murakami

Once the ideomotor effect is comprehended, it is easy to see that experiencing synchronicities has a biological basis for happening. The brain and nervous system are responsible for driving you into experiencing synchronicities, and that feeling of certainty when you just know you are “downloading” information.




Murakami’s Model of Synchronicity
Time Travel Meditation
DeVisE Method of Manifestation

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