QEG 5th Ed. Build Manual – Reach Overunity and Accomplish Self-looping!

If you are thinking about building your own QEG, the 5th edition build manual is the DIY engineers answer to how to do it safely and efficiently. After over 2 and a 1/2 years of co-development everything you need to reach overunity and accomplish self-looping is here and you won’t find anything like it on the Internet.

What’s New?

Announcing the 5th edition QEG Free Energy Generator Plans by authors James Robitaille and Tivon Rivers. These plans include 4 secondary transformer designs and instructions for converting volt-amperes reactive or VARs to watts using a bi-toroid transformer. The parts equipment and tools lists have been updated to take into account new technical discoveries made since the early stages of the QEG project in late 2013.

The full professional CAD drawing package has been detailed and updated from 2015 as well.

As always, James presents clear instructions for basic construction from the bare steel to precise capacitor value to 1st resonance. For those in the know, 1st resonance, or parametric oscillation, is the stage where the light bulbs are lit using only the energy produced in the core.

James also presents advanced tuning procedures where you will learn how to align to the resonant frequency of the core steel (2nd resonance) and exciter coil tuning (3rd resonance). You’ll also have the new exciter coil design in this 5th edition QEG Build Manual.

Tivon presents a study of the Lenzless transformer and how it can be applied to the QEG. Several types are illustrated and described. The Lenzless transformer will allow QEG builders to experiment with redirecting power back to the source while running a load. See which one the QEG teams are presently experimenting with using this technology.

For a limited time, when you purchase the 5th edition of the QEG free energy generator build manual you will receive class 2 from the QEG Beginner’s Build course (2015), Base, Resonance, Parts, an 86 minute video of James describing parts needed for completion of QEG generator core, a presentation and description of core mechanical part drawings specifications, a preliminary discussion of platform construction and options with drawings, explanation of power generation by means of parametric resonance and answers to previously submitted email questions from class members.

The PDF contains 82 pages of documents and photos of parts needed for completion of the QEG core including diagrams, schematics, inventor’s notes and component data sheets.

For more info (and video) go HERE or purchase now HERE

The QEG Team

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