Don’t be deceived by the distractors! Don’t let anyone stop this project; this is THE PEOPLE’S Free Energy Device!

By now, you’ve probably heard about the trials the QEG family has sustained due to threats from the corporate-government, banking and academic institutions. The corporate-government trolls use bold-faced lies to further their own greedy self-serving agendas, and create smokescreens. The banks (in collusion with the corporate-government) prevent significant donations from private donors for the project, and the ‘know-nothing-about-this-technology EXPERTS’ in the universities maintain their stubborn skepticism which has no value, but keeps them funded. These outdated and overplayed tactics are failing, however, because when intelligent thinking people examine the claims of those accusing: “SCAMMERS SCAMMY SCAM SCAMS”, they readily see past the smoke.

One week after open-sourcing the original QEG build manual (March 2014), James described where the device was in development, and the team’s plans for moving forward. The QEG family is shocked and saddened that so much time has been spent, on our part, fighting the opposition since then, which has created huge delays in us reaching our goal. Be that as it may, QEG teams around the world continue to build, learn, achieve results, and co-develop/improve the technology. And we are closer than ever (see latest update link at the bottom of the page). We have not veered off the path.

After listening to the video, you should not be shocked to hear that we gave the QEG plans away to the world to co-develop immediately after we had reached our first milestone. We have written blog posts and made videos ad nauseam to this effect to stave off the trolls and the unearned negative press, but just to reiterate….WE NEVER SAID WE HAD A FINISHED PRODUCT, ONLY THAT WE WERE CO-DEVELOPING (and are very close to completion I might add). Perhaps the trolls convinced you we said something when in fact we didn’t, as you have just heard in the video from 2014.

It should be apparent that those who accuse the QEG family of being scammers are unable to comprehend the technology, and are depriving you of your future if you believe their disparaging discourses.

The QEG is a wondrous piece of resonance technology that will enjoy a place in history as one of the innovations that broke the back of the ‘Big Energy’ industry stronghold.

You might also go back in our websites for the story as it was unfolding. (I’m sorry I don’t have the time to supply all the links here but you will find plenty of interesting material on the Hopegirl and Fix The World sites/blogs.) The way we see it: those who call us ‘scammers’ or ‘parasites that prey on innocent people’ are indeed themselves what they call us, and we implore you not to be deceived. In any case, we trust that YOU are willing to do just a little research and will conclude that while we have made mistakes, we’ve picked ourselves up and have always been of pure intent. Maybe it was an unexpected event in the free energy world – to open source a research project – but no matter now, we are close and soon ALL research and investments will come to fruition.

We have published some highly intelligent material that you cannot find anywhere on the internet: how-to courses, books, webinars and manuals, and hundreds of blog posts. Think about it: our material is clear, concise, 2 years in the making, and very valuable to serious free energy enthusiasts and engineers (we know this due to our sales). If one is unable to produce such intellectual materials one might feel the need to defame and discredit others who can. It’s called envy and is an unfortunate reality for some people.

We thank those who have been our supporters and have kept this project going. We are getting ready to work on our bi-toroid transformer and will film all steps to building, achieving overunity and self-looping, which you’ll be able to see when you become a member of the QEG Academy (more on membership coming soon!)

(Please see latest update here:

QEG educational materials can be found HERE under QEG products. For our newly released 5th edition QEG Build Manual go HERE.

QEG 2016 YouTube Playlist (29 videos):

Reference: NOTE: Although we are naturally upset over the plight of Sterling Allan, we are glad we can offer our followers an honest report and proof that what we said about the QEG from the beginning is what we have stood by.

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  1. Great summary and up date! Thanks for hanging in there while the age old Tesla vs Edison battle rages on. You guys are doing terrific work. I am grateful for your devotion to the QEG project, and to the many people who support you and the service you so freely give. Blessings, and thanks so much for the Love. Susan

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