QEG developer James needs help, a letter from his wife

Dear Friends,

We are coming up on 5 years since the QEG project began. It could have been done in a year or even two but several things happened to slow us down considerably.

On March 25th 2014 we published the first public set of plans to build a QEG, 5 minutes before boarding a plane to a build in Taiwan. Almost immediately hundreds of thousands of people downloaded the plans, which were free. We had only 6 months prior to this put a large down payment (25%) on a property because we were forced to move (the water in the lovely mountain trailer we were renting was contaminated from fracking). This was all of James’ retirement money. We live in fracking country and might be asked to move again if we were to rent. He was confident he would have a completed prototype within a certain amount of time. The owners of the property agreed to let us pay off the house within 1 year.

My husband is a Godly man and wears his integrity on his sleeve. Our motto back then, and even now were it possible, was an old Horace Mann saying “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” Within a year we were well-known in the free energy field, and people were donating money to our campaign. We were not only able to travel and work with building teams, we were beholden; they wanted us in Taiwan, we went. They wanted us in Morocco and England, we went. And there sat our investment in Pennsylvania which we lost by September 2014. We were homeless.

AND we were being trolled intensely which has only gotten worse to this day. They want to snuff us out but we fight back. We had one particular incident that is so heartbreaking I can hardly speak of it. Wilhelmina, a dear friend of the QEG, wanted to give us $120,000 for development but her bank wouldn’t let her due to the trolling sites calling us scammers, pedophiles and every vile thing under the sun. The government controlled opposition websites designed to look like alternative energy advocates, and debunking sites, have volumes of files on us filled with awful and totally false accusations. They are paid well to send us daily death threats and tell the world things like we took advantage of an old lady (they even put a picture up of her and her dead husband that they got from one of our posts in which we honored her for her effort).

You can watch many videos about the rest of our story if you’re interested but today I have to inform you that we are at a crossroads. Due to the trolling we cannot fund this project through crowdfunding, and have not been able to since May 2015. The membership site and donations for the live calls gives us approximately $250/month after business expenses. James gets social security but it simply isn’t enough. This winter I worked out of state to get us through. That job is over, and while I am looking for work, we are at this time practically destitute. We need help.

We are no longer able to sustain this. Our gas is off, our internet was off for almost a whole month and will be going off again soon. We could only pay 1/2 our rent this month. We cannot charge our phones and we choose electricity over healthy food. We drive a 17 year old car (our 2005 SUV was repossessed). All so that we can complete the project. We are at the end of the road dear friends, unless we can get help.

We have always been so heartened by the ways in which people share their own stories of needing or wanting to get “off the grid.” Over the years we have gotten tons of emails from people when they hear there are no patents or non-disclosure agreements on this device. So to continue and complete our assignment we are offering our products at prices that have been deeply slashed, and very affordable for anyone interested in QEG development. The purchases will go directly to James’ survival and completion of the QEG. We are close (tuning the steel core, which is similar to shattering glass with certain sound frequencies, but more complex) and there is a bit more development after that. But we have not wavered. We hope you will help.

Please go here for special packages and donations: https://qegfreeenergyacademy.com/specials/

So many of you have been so supportive – you know who you are and we cherish your hearts.

Much love and appreciation,

Valerie Robitaille

P.S. I am aware that we have been saying we are close for a long time but be sure we are closer than ever! Could happen within a month, a week, or today – as soon as the tuning is complete, the last step is straightforward: to convert the output to standard household power. Then we’ll publish the 6th edition QEG Build Manual.


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