QEG Project Changes

If you watched our last major update closely, you probably have a deeper understanding of the exciting and critical stage we have entered with the QEG project. If you read this post we just released, you probably know just how much nonsense we’ve had to fight off in the course of the last two years.

The time has come to make some important changes in the QEG project. These changes are aimed at creating a safe and secure environment where serious engineers and free energy supporters can communicate, share, and learn in a healthy peaceful environment. In order to create this environment we are pulling back a lot of our public free-for-all exposure on platforms that are not secure. This should eliminate most if not all of the internet trolling and other interference that has previously tried  to stop our research and development.

First, we wanted to lay out some of the major trouble zones that have caused us to make these changes.

Facebook is corrupted
While we maintain a series of accounts on Facebook solely for the purpose of sharing blog posts and occasional photos, we have pulled back significantly from our Facebook use. This comes after watching our stuff get censored over and over again, while simultaneously watching criminal information have free reign.  In the last year alone Facebook has made significant changes to their platform and way of doing business, many of which we do not agree with.  Plus, we’ve recently seen people’s Facebook information used against them and posted publicly in an attempt to falsely accuse and incriminate them.  And then just today I received one of the most brilliantly disguised phishing emails trying to get me to sign into a bogus Facebook account that was coded to look just like mine!   It used to be a good place to share, but now it is highly censored and manipulated, which is not conducive to our project.

YouTube is manipulated and your work is not protected
YouTube freezes and artificially manipulates view counts and makes comments disappear. We have literally watched in amazement as our view counts skyrocketed and then plummeted in a single day, with no rhyme or reason. They also control all of their ‘recommended’ video algorithms which means no matter how much you SEO (search engine optimization) your videos, YouTube still determines where most of your views will come from based on their private, locked and unobtainable ‘recommendations algorithm.’

We’ve also had many instances where trolls would take our videos with all our hard work and then re-edit them, fill them with lies to trash our project, and upload them on YouTube.  When we tried to get YouTube to take down the theft and butchering of our work from the offending trolls, YouTube sides with the antagonist and makes the victim have to come up with thousands of dollars to drag the offender through a court case.

We no longer want our quality engineering how-to videos to be on YouTube so they can be trashed and manipulated. We have moved to a premium paid Vimeo account, and our quality videos are available only to our members.

Skype is hacked
The creation of “Skype rooms” for group conversations has become very popular among alternative groups in the last few years.  However, this is not a secure means of sharing information. Skype is known by many to be one of the most spied upon software applications out there. In fact it is suspected that the reason why Skype crashes all the time is because it is constantly being listened in on by every alphabet agency and it can’t hold the bandwidth.  Last year about 50% of our Skype contacts had their accounts hacked and taken over. This included a member of our team, and a few people that had recently passed away (pretty scary getting a Skype message from a dead relative!). Furthermore, Skype stopped working in Morocco for VoIP calls, and Morocco is the QEG Academy Headquarters. We have switched to using Zoom for calls (its encrypted) and have just installed our own software to handle group chats that will replace this function utilized on Skype in a private setting.

Trolls and disinformation agents keep twisting our free data. Its time for this to stop.
Trolling is one thing, but with the QEG project we’ve been dealing with some real battles. Full sections of blogs have been dedicated to taking our data we lovingly give to the world for free, and twisting it to mislead the public. One website alone has dedicated 4,000+ comments to trashing the QEG. We’ve had two crowdfunding campaigns shut down unjustifiably, and had to move to coding our own private platform. We’ve even had the banks cut off a private funder due to the disinformation agents and trolls. Then there’s the “Experts” who write bold lies about our project for which they know nothing about, or worse yet, know is a successful project that may detract from their own special interests.

This brings to mind that verse: “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

Quite frankly, we’ve had enough. The best way to protect this project and the precious people who are building alongside us is to create a membership area.  It has taken a lot of work to build it up this far, we’ve done all the coding and creation ourselves. We know it is going to create a better experience for the people who, like us, are tired of the nonsense, and are serious about making a real breakthrough in free energy.

Open source does not mean free of charge, and free energy does not mean it does not cost anything. Open source simply means “without patents”, meaning we don’t own the design and others can take the design and build their own and do their own development.  It costs us money to run our websites, to buy parts for experiments and to survive while we tirelessly work on this project in order to get the next set of development data that so many other builders are eagerly waiting for. We have always been blessed by beautiful people who have helped us along the way.  However, the following statistics need to be disclosed at this time:

  • We have given away a over a quarter of a million QEG plans for free
  • On average, about 300 people per month are still currently taking our free plans from our site
  • While there is a paragraph on the free download page asking for a donation, only 3-5 out of 300 people actually donate something

Time for this to change for the benefit of all of humanity who need this project to succeed!

Fix the World S.A.R.L. became a legal business entity last year.  Prior to this we were simply volunteering and doing the best we could.  Now we are operating like any other sound business would. We will still be on YouTube in a limited way, we’ll still be on Facebook in a limited way, and we’ll still put out some public news from time to time. However, the meat of our work will be reserved for our member’s area.  This gives us more liberty to be a lot more frank in some of our discussions, and changes the types of videos we can produce.   It also provides the incentive for our team to provide the best of ourselves for those who care enough to invest in us.

We plan on spending our time filling our forums with engineering gems, and having important conversations with good people around the world on our private messaging system.  While we focus our attention here, you will see a pulling away from other public areas. You probably won’t see much of us on Skype or Face Book or YouTube. This also means that we won’t be answering any questions or comments on those platforms. But don’t let this make you think nothing is happening with the project. Quite the contrary… RIGHT NOW WE ARE BUSIER THAN ANY OTHER TIME DURING THIS PROJECT.  There are so many updates and project activities happening at the moment that we can hardly keep up. All of this will be found in our members areas.

So without any further adieu, please allow me to highlight some of the big changes in our new QEG Academy!



QEG Academy Changes

Introducing a QEG Academy membership feature!
We’ve been working hard to create a safe online environment for alternative energy enthusiasts who are serious about their research. When you join the QEG Academy you have access to a wide array of new features and exclusive members only content. Our goal at the QEG Academy is to create a space that is free from suppression, government and corporate trolls and shills, and other forms of infiltration. This is a place for people who are actively participating in bringing new and controversial (disruptive) technology forward that allows them to network and share ideas, display their projects and further develop their research across the globe with other inventors and alternative energy enthusiasts.

The cost for a QEG Academy Membership is $25 a month. You can cancel at anytime. Please click here for full membership details and to join today!

Be-do.com no longer to host QEG forums and information. Announcing our new forums!

We want to thank be-do.com for its service to the QEG project in the past. It was a voluntary labor of love that helped us to spread awareness of the project and fellow builders for the past 2 years.  The be-do.com site has now been essentially shut down and has a re-direct to the new QEG Academy website.

We have  created a much needed update to QEG information sharing to replace the intended functioning of be-do.com with our own paying membership area and features.  Our QEG Academy Forums are the perfect place for suppressed technology information sharing. Members get exclusive access to high quality forums run by professionals. Forums include: testing results, experimentation descriptions and detailed project explanations, new ideas and concepts, business concepts around distribution and production and other robust content. Members can contribute, request new topics, collaborate on projects and design ideas. This environment is moderated to ensure that it is kept secure, clean and free from the riffraff found in other energy forums. Only QEG Academy members can view or post in these forums.

QEG ForumsPlease click here for a VIDEO  preview of our new QEG forums

Select QEG Youtube Videos and Project Reports are now only accessibly to members

To help maintain the quality of our engineering research information we have moved select videos and QEG project reports to our members area.

Our growing video gallery is divided into two sections and filled with videos that are not accessible on other platforms. For example, we have rare footage of the original QEG builder, Ronald Brandt, describing the inception of the design. The QEG Project Videos section contains footage from many of the QEG builds, and also a selection of instructional videos for those who are interested in building a QEG. (Please note these videos are not full instruction classes as those are sold separately in our QEG products) The Alternative Energy Education Section contains interviews, shows and presentations around suppressed engineering technology.

New Exclusive videos are created and added regularly to the gallery. For a sample list of videos please CLICK HERE.
QEG Project Expenditures Reports, Test and Measurement Reports, Technical Updates, Distribution Plans and more are now available only to QEG Academy members.

New Updated QEG FAQ’s, changes in our response policy and new consultation services:

QEG Question Response Policy

At the QEG Academy, we get a lot of questions.  We have invested much time and thought answering these questions through our FAQ’s and other media materials. We’re a small team and it’s impossible to answer or respond to the volume of questions and comments on a daily basis.

We make it our policy NOT to answer ‘one-off’ questions anymore that are written in comments sections, skype, social media or email.  Please do not expect a reply in this manner. We are always happy to read your comments and most of the questions we receive have already been answered in our materials. We have revised our QEG Frequently asked questions section to make it more user friendly. We have also implemented a new question and response policy which can be found here.

Also we are proud to introduce our new consultant service JT Clean Tech Free Energy Consulting. Due to the nature and volume of emails the QEG engineers receive every day, James Robitaille and Tivon Rivers have made themselves available for paid consultations for 1 hr. or 1/2 hr. Please click here for more information.

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