SGT Report DE-platformed. How we can help.

Sean from SGT Report Needs Our Help.  On October 15th along with so many others, Youtube deleted both of his channels which represented ten years of work over 700K subscribers and both of which were in good standing. Then MailChimp terminated his account with 14,000 email addresses. The latest blow, was Patreon, which just terminated his account which was a major source of his income to provide for his family.

Watch the video we made about this here on Youtube:

Sean does incredible work and has moved over his entire operation to as well as Bitchute and also subscribe star.   He’s asked us to help him spread the word to bring awareness and ask that everyone who can please support him on these platforms. We will leave all the links here: Also here is the email from Sean that was sent out to his friends:

From: SGT <>
Date: Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 7:20 PM
Subject: Friends, PLEASE HELP. PATREON just terminated my account

Dear friends (dozens of you from over the years),

PLEASE, I beg you to tell people within your sphere of influence that I was just terminated by PATREON after 3+ years.  

Patreon was pretty much my last line of financial defense since being terminated by YouTube on OCT 15th thereby losing my relationship with 745,000 combined subscribers across two channels.

Friends, PLEASE tell people that they can find me and support me & REAL news at SGTreport.TV – we have a dedicated server.

Our oldest son has special needs, and what PATREON has just done is devastating.  Please help me out by spreading the word, and I appreciate you keeping me and my family in your prayers as well.

THANK YOU one and all.



PS – If anyone has any ideas about suing Patreon, please email me back, I’d like to talk.

Thank you Hope!  Please include a link to this too which i just set up:


It’s all I have left!   Thank YOU!!


We will be doing another show with Sean on SGT Report at the end of this month. Be sure not to miss this one as we will be disclosing some explosive information on the show. As fate would have it, the information that we need to share is the type of stuff that is getting so heavily censored right now. As we know this show won’t be on Youtube, its no-holds barred!  Again, we REALLY don’t think you’re going to want to miss this show!


Support Sean SGT Report on Subscribe Star

Support Sean on

Also on Bitchute:


Something important to note, when Big Tech censors like this, it has a tendency to backfire on them. No matter how much they try, they do not have full control of the people on this planet… there are just too many of us.  Google trends is a feature used by internet marketers who are doing keyword research to try to rank in search engine results. It essentially shows what people are searching for and is an interesting perspective to “gauge the crowd” in real time to see what people are focusing their attention on.

Using an extension called Keywords Everywhere you can see the search volume per month for certain terms. Normally “SGT Report” when typed into a google search shows that there are 14,800 people searching for this each month.   However, since Youtube deleted SGT Report it caused a lot more people to pay attention to SGT Report, as seen in this spike in Google trends. Up to 24,700 this WEEK.

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